Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Daily Thing

Day 6 - Completed zebra. His tail doesn't show up much against the black. He has a pipe cleaner in his neck for support and flexibility.Now, what for tomorrow?


  1. What a totally adorable zebra!!! You know, I think I have that black stripe, or something very you suppose my brand-new niece needs a zebra?

  2. Francoise - Thanks - he was fun to do!

    Suzanne - :) Doesn't everyone love zebras (and black and white fabric)?

  3. That's really fun! You should make a whole herd!

  4. He's just a BIG smile :-)
    There are so many surfaces to explore with eyes, hands, and mouth.

  5. How absolutely adorable! It ALMOST makes me wish my kids were reproducing, but I'm happy to wait another few years for that!

  6. wonderful & whimsical - inspiration comes from unusual sources at times.

    I love playing with black and white fabric!

  7. madcap -- I kind of like that idea. A little herd of zebras!

    fiona - Thanks!

    Nellie -- I know- I want to use buttons, but for a little one who explores with her mouth, I have to make do with French knots for eyes.

    delta - :) Grandkids are fun...and you can send them home.

    kimy - I love black and white fabric! I really could make a herd of zebras!

  8. So Sweet! Isn't it funny how being creative inspires more creativity?

  9. Kim - It's true, isn't it? Another aspect is that blogging encourages creativity.


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