Monday, February 11, 2008

Daily Thing Catch Up

I'm going to have to play catch up today as I didn't make anything yesterday.

Daily Thing Challenge (Day 9-or Saturday's Thing) -- These "bottle snugs" are what Amelia and I discussed the other day. Bryce is going to a day care nursery several days a week and her bottles need to be identified. Although her name will still need to be written on the bottle, these little quilted snugs will make Bryce Eleanor's bottles easily recognizable. Last week, Amelia and I were chatting and thought this take off on the coffee cuff would work . I'll be making a few more. Yesterday, I attended St. John Berchman's Lenten Service with Amelia and Bryce Eleanor. It was a beautiful service and very uplifting; the cathedral itself is so beautiful that I spent a lot of time looking at the ceiling and the stained glass windows and thinking about the importance of beauty and ritual in spirituality.

After the service, we girls met Fee and Chris for lunch. With mimosas. Several. Then Fee and I drove down to Raft Bayou and enjoyed the beautiful spring-like weather.

Now...I have to clean up the sewing room again so I can make yesterday and today's Daily Thing.

Tonight I will draw a name for the Give-away mentioned in this post. If you'd like to enter, just leave a comment about what to do with those hearts.


  1. Those bottle snugs are great! I think you should make (sell) a pattern for them, they'd be a sensation! Wonder if you could use Thermo-stuff batting so they'd hold in the heat? Wait, maybe that's a bad idea...bacteria and all. Okay, to keep the juice cold. That's better.

  2. Thanks, Rian! Too easy to bother with making a pattern. :)


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