Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another Challenge

The idea is to make something each day during February (more info here) without recycling old projects. I found the above link on Kim's blog (Skybelle Arts) and think it a great idea. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I didn't find out about it in time to sign up. However, since I actually did create something yesterday and again today, I'm going to play along separately. :) Which means, of course, I can make my own rules. It will be a good way to experiment with techniques and projects that I've had on my list of "To Do" for quite some time.

So, here are days 2 and 3, since I didn't start on day 1.

Day 2: Amelia brought some onesies for me to do something with. Saturday, I made the little appliqué and finished it during a Law & Order rerun. Day 3: Today, I wanted to try freezer paper stenciling. See my little stencil in the upper left corner? I know this one looks a little boyish; any suggestion on how I could "girl" it up?Later, I might go by Michael's and get some tee's for Mila and Max so I can continue playing with appliqué and paint. Super quick.

Kim is making some rubber stamps. I've made some in the past, but have not done so in a long time. I do have my little carving tools and a brand new carving block. Correction...somewhere I saw a new carving block, but it certainly wasn't with my carving tools. Annnddd, I bought a new black ink pad, but don't know where that is either. (Rian cleaned up her studio; I may have to clean mine just to find where I've stashed stuff.)

Here are some of the stamps, I carved several years ago...including the one I did of daughter Erin. At least I have pieces of old blocks...I think I can get several days out of these ideas, but I have lots of other things to try listed in my journal (and on scraps of paper stuffed around my desk). And my embellisher-- poor neglected embellisher, untouched for months--that will be fun to experiment with.


  1. for the sail boat, how about streamers in reds, pinks, oranges that have some sweet or her name written on them?

    and i'm loving the stamp fo your daughter.

  2. Very cute! Maybe put a little yellow or pink ducky with the boat?

  3. What talent you have! The above comments sound good in response to your question.

  4. Wow, that's pretty agressive--something every day! I love what you do with the onesies.

  5. Karoda - I like the idea of including the red, pinks, and oranges!

    Myra -- I'll have to think about how I could make a tiny duck...I love ducks!

    Connie -- You're so sweet, because these are so easy.

    Rian -- The "Thing-a-Day" items will all be very, very easy. I won't be spending much time on them and will (hopefully) continue on the WIP's!

  6. Those onesies are adorable! I like the stencils; that reminds me that by coincidence, I had made some freezer paper stencils for valentines. I was really pleased with how well they work. Now if I can find them in the current mess. How I identify with your description.

  7. Kay - I'm planning some more freezer paper stencils. Hope you find your Valentine stencils because I want to see them!

  8. I'm happy to see that you are playing along with Thing-a-day. It's helping me push through that threshold of procrastination.

    Rules... we don't need no stinking rules.

  9. Kim -- I got behind and now have to play catch up with my Daily Thing. I did do Saturday's, but didn't get it posted, and nothing yesterday!

    :) I can't follow "no stinking rules"! Just general guidelines...


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