Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This and That

Has anyone watched any of Brini Maxwell's podcasts? These are so funny! I've just discovered Brini's blog, but it will be a regular from now on.

Mac's treats are due for a refill. They stay on the hutch which is convenient for giving him a reward when he comes in on the first call. :) He does love those treats, but since we will be gone for a few days, there is no hurry.
Marie, I'm planning to get the book in the mail to you today. Yesterday, it was all ready to go, but I was so miserable, I never left the house. Today, for sure.

I've run all my errands and taken Mac, his bed and his blanket to Dr. Core's for boarding. Since it is time for his shots, that will be taken care of, too. Shoot, I miss him already.

I've picked up my prescription, mailed the book, bought a few things I needed for the trip. Now it is time to pack.

One of my Christmas gifts from Erin was a new subscription to Quilting Arts magazine, which arrived today. This one is full of ideas that I want to try!

Nellie has trouble accessing my blog. It freezes up and won't let her comment. Is anyone else having this difficulty. I've looked at my settings, etc. and can't find anything that might be causing the problem, but I'm so computer illiterate...


  1. I asked for QA for XMAS but alas...
    (Blog access works fine for me.)

  2. I had problems accessing you for weeks without everything I had open on my server freezing up. For some reason, all of a sudden there are NO problems. YEAH! I guess it just took speaking up about it for it to fix itself. Gremlins?

  3. Oh Jenclair! That should have been nothing to consider or care about doing with all that's on your plate! Being sick is no fun in and of itself! I sure hope you have good trip. Travel safe and get well.

  4. Kim -- It does make a great gift, and I love reading and rereading them. :)

    Nellie -- Wonderful! Maybe just checking in on the settings made a difference!

    Marie -- It was all packaged and ready so today when I was out doing all my errands, I just stopped by the P.O. No problem!


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