Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home Again

We returned home late Sunday afternoon, tired because all day was spent in airports. We did have a lovely time though. Savannah is a beautiful city with such charm. The architecture and the 23 squares are worth the trip. The live oaks in the squares were huge. We got there a little after noon on Thursday and walked in the cold and rain until we were exhausted, but there is so much to see that even all day Friday and Saturday didn't cover it. The above picture is of the two old homes that make up the Gastonian Inn.
A fireplace in every room, including the kitchen where we ate breakfast at one of two tables. The dining room hosted the afternoon tea and wine bar from 4:30 - 6:00. We only managed to make one, but it was very nice. Each morning, we enjoyed a nice fire before going to breakfast.
The food in Savannah was wonderful! We ate at a number of places, but my favorite was Vic's because of the sweet potato bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and ganache (no chocolate in the ganache, unusual but delicious). However, every meal was delicious; the city can really pride itself on its food.

Yesterday and today I've been babysitting so Amelia could go back to work to get caught up on some stuff. Tomorrow, she and Bryce will be staying home. When Fee came home last night, he said, "This house looks like a nursery." Yep.


  1. Savannah was one of my mother's favorite cities ! I need to get there sometime as I have only passed through it in the past. The book arrived yesterday!! Thanks so much! Welcome back Toto!

  2. Wow that's a lovely setting and the brief food glimpse sounded incredible. All this and the beautiful baby around the place as an extra special welcome home charm!

  3. Welcome back! The description of the dessert has me floating...enjoy your time with the grand babees!

  4. Sounds like a lovely holiday. I have always wanted to go to Savannah. Welcome home.

  5. Marie -- It is such a fascinating city; it is beautiful, full of history, full of art. Glad the book arrived safely!

    Deborah -- Thanks. I wish I were a better photographer!

    ACey -- The Gastonian Inn was a lovely place to stay and regardless of where we ate, the food was delicious!

    Karoda -- I've found several recipes for the sweet potato bread pudding and will be trying one soon!

    Rian -- Yes, it was such a nice escape from the every day. You and Jim should really plan to go-- you would love it!

  6. welcome home! thanks for the peek into some of the historic homes. I love such tours. savannah has been on my list of places to visit for so long. I MUST get down there! but in the meantime it was nice to have a bit of armchair travel.

    your pictures are wonderful - you are a wonderful photographer!!

    by the way I'm halfway through my second pendergast book (still life with crows) - I do hope corrie becomes a regular in the series!

  7. lucky you! that is one city i'd love to see.

  8. kimy -- It is well worth a visit! I'm so glad you are enjoying the Pengergast series...there are some pretty far-out events, but fun.

    Fran -- Savannah is a city of so many varied interests. It houses the Savannah College of Art and Design (they own 60 buildings in the historic district--so the campus is all over). The students contribute so much to the artistic interests of the city.


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