Thursday, December 06, 2007

'Tis the Season

Trying to sort everything out: Christmas gifts, baby quilt, Fee's birthday advent stuff, house, doctor appointments (mine & Laddie's), Christmas get togethers, preparations for various events including new baby, household chores, errands, etc., etc.

Until yesterday, when I realized that the rash on Laddie's hand and arm might be shingles, I was pretty calm and relaxed about this Christmas season. Somehow the rash threw me into a loop of confusion and of feeling overwhelmed about everything. I've been attempting to gather my wits and give priority to certain activities, but have not yet settled down. Funny how one situation can toss all other activities into the air. I'm overwhelmed by sudden indecision about what I've already done and what I plan to do.

A cup of tea and a biscotti are in order. Then perhaps I can settle into meaningful activities. Relax. Some things will get done, but perhaps not perfectly or on time. Some things will not get done. Breathe. Who cares?

Actually, having just typed those words, a sudden realization:

for the most part...I am the only one who cares, and even I can admit that wanting to embroider a particular verse on the baby quilt is not really important in the scheme of things. My attitude is what is most important. Wow, that relieves a lot of tension right there. Onward!


  1. I like your sense of priorities: Have the tea and biscotti first and let things land where the were supposed to go anyway.

    Shingles: Nasty! Let's hope not.

  2. Ever onward! It was fun to read your post and identify with your frazzled feelings. And then to watch the writing process help you work through to what matters and what doesn't. Breathe! I'm going to take a calming breath, too. Thanks, Jenclair. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

  3. I sure hope Laddie doesn't have shingles. There is an innoculation for that now, but it costs such a lot.
    I am unable to even consider doing the usual Christmas rush this year. After losing Daddy and now getting Mom moved and adjusted I've decided to just concentrate on the spiritual part of the holidays and to try to gain some serenity. My oldest daughter is assisting me by having the family celebration at her place this year.

  4. Rian -- the tea and biscotti provided a nice opportunity to re-evaluate. I've enjoyed this Christmas season more than usual because I've been more relaxed, don't want to lose that now!

    Booklogged -- :) Deep breaths really do help! Getting busy helps, too. Have to get everything out of the way so there is time to read.

    Fran -- I don't know what to wish for! He had shingles once about 15 years ago, and this isn't hurting like that did, so I don't know.

    Take it easy, Fran. Having the family celebration at your daughter's is a good idea--you get to be a guest. This will be a difficult Christmas in many ways, but concentrating on the spiritual should provide some comfort.

  5. Yes, attitude is everything. I keep telling myself that. Great quotations in the previous posts. I particularly like the last one about the nut not revealing the tree.

  6. kay -- :) I believe that attitude makes a huge difference, but sometimes the right attitude is hard to find!


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