Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 3

Fee's day 3 gift was a another simple one: one of his favorite meals with raspberry cobbler for desert. No pictures of the meal, but I did manage a picture of the quotes before he got home.

This was a difficult one for presentation, so a ribbon and an orange had to serve. The larger note mentions harvest foods that are associated with solstice feasts. One is fowl and another berries. So the meal included chicken topped with an artichoke sauce that Fee loves and raspberry cobbler from the lovely fresh berries. The orange pays homage to the fruits that are also part of solstice meals and certainly associated with Christmas.. That note ends with "Happy Birthday x 3"--

The quote, which works well with the solstice idea, reads:

May the long time sun Shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.
kundalini yoga--farewell blessing
In December as the Winter Solstice approaches, the days become shorter. Ancients feared the loss of the sun, and on the solstice celebrated the sun's rising and gaining strength. This is a time of saying farewell to the old year and preparing for the new for midwinter is the turning point of the year and a time for celebration.

How appropriate to celebrate a birthday, a beginning of a new year, at the solstice.

I had not originally planned a quote for each day, but have found quite a few good ones.


  1. love these simple treasures.... great quote. thanks.

  2. kimy -- Great fun trying to find something I already have to make the gifts and "packaging." Some of the quotes I already had, but finding the rest has been fun, too!


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