Monday, December 17, 2007

2nd Post - Still trying

to catch up with emails, comments, posts, blog reading, housework, gift wrapping, etc.

Bryce Eleanor went home with Mom & Dad on Saturday, slept all day, and kept them up most of Saturday night. They are all doing fine. All the dogs (Jezza, Boston Terrier; L.J. , Jack Russell; Lady Carolina Belle, English bulldog) are very interested in Bryce. She is interested in everything when she is awake. She will be having her 1 week birthday tomorrow.

Here she is in her "mob cap" looking as if she arrived from 1700 something. You can see the IV bruises on her hands here.
O.K. I'm back to playing catch up with other things!


  1. am always fascinated by the way dogs absorb new babies "into the pack". Hope Bryce's bruises heal quickly and she doesn't acquaint her mother and father with TOO much sleep deprivation!

    All of Fee's gifts and their quotes have been so wonderful but this latest group was especially inspired, I thought ...

  2. She sure is a pretty lil thing.

    I have enjoyed so much seeing Fee's gifts and the sentiments you've included.

  3. OH!!!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL, Jen!!!

  4. Acey - Lady Carolina Belle lays her huge, fat head next to Bryce's -- after giving her a good sniffing!

    Rian - Thanks, Rian! We think we are pretty lucky grandparents with 3 such wonderful grandbabes. As to Fee's gifts, I've enjoyed doing them, but it proved a challenge at times!

    Debby - :) :) :)


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