Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WIP and Giving Thanks

Busy week from start to finish. I've already been back to the grocery store because Fee preferred the white chocolate bread pudding to my suggested dessert offerings; however, I went early and was home by 8:00 A.M.--thus missing the chaos that ensues on the day before a holiday. Hope that was the last trip!

I have a crock pot chicken dish in the works and a bean soup for Amelia. She is trying to get some dishes frozen for post-delivery, so I'm trying some new recipes to freeze (the chicken), and making the bean soup because it is her favorite.

Erin and her gang are expected tonight so I have several chores and errands in that regard. We were hoping to have Thanksgiving at the Raft Bayou cabin, but as with all construction projects, this one keeps its own schedule. Marty, Stephen, and I will have lunch with Laddie at the cottage (too many people agitate him)--extended family dinners will be later.

Here are some current WIP projects - just three, but the three I'm currently spending time on. When I have time... Might as well put them away for a couple of days.

Giving Thanks for:

family and friends
good food
good health
good books
changing seasons and holidays
the internet and all that it offers

enough for endless list


  1. Love your freestyle letters! Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  2. I think it's amazing that you are able to find time to work on these projects ! I have been thoroughly enjoying the outfits and tag blankets- and may have to "copy cat" some of yours for a January baby girl! Happy Thanksgiving to thee and thine !

  3. want to see more of "what's next". Hope you have a great holiday of family and food ...

  4. Laura -- Thanks! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

    Marie -- Just a seam here and there lately, but keeping in with my goal of doing a little something each day.

    The blankets take no time at all and can be made with left over pieces from other projects. They sell for as much as $20 for a 12 x 12 inch version. I like bigger ones myself, but the thing that takes the longest in picking out the ribbon for the tags! You can embroider the baby's name, too. Adds texture and personalizes it.

    Have a good one, Marie!

    Acey -- :) Some projects never make it to completion, but right now, I've got plenty things I want to try! Peace and Plenty to you, too, Acey!

  5. have a happy holiday and waiting for what's next....

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

    Tell Fee I'm with him on the white chocolate bread pudding...

  7. jude - The same to you, jude! Have a peaceful, pleasant day nestled among plaid trees, family, friends, and good food.

    Rian - Thanks, Rian! :) I love most bread puddings, but he is absolutely enamored of the white chocolate version, so it will be there among the other desserts. You and Jim have a great day, and tomorrow you can play with your new toy!

  8. the letters are wonDeRfuL!!

    so excited to read there's a new bio about shel of my favorites!

    I unintentionally have also been on a daily post habit this month - pushed along by by blogabet bit...although tomorrow will bring y...which means it is soon ending - f has asked multiple times 'what will you do when you run out of letters'.....

  9. ThANkS,kIm! Shel was certainly a man of many talents, and I am enjoying the biography, although it is sometimes disjointed. Then again, so was Shel.

    I've enjoyed your alphabet soup of posts, and agree, that it is a good way to think of posting possibilities!


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