Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wednesday Was a Great Day

Fee left me a note wishing me a happy birthday, then Erin called with birthday wishes, and we spent quite a while getting caught up on everything. A great way to begin my day.

Just as I was about to leave to pick up Amelia (I was actually tossing items into the back seat so she'd have a place to sit), someone said my name and I almost knocked myself out when I jumped to find a delivery man from The Wooden Spoon delivering this basket of home baked goodies. Now, Marty and Robin have keen insight into my sweet tooth proclivities, and I can only be delighted and grateful!

After taking the goodies inside, I left to pick Amelia up, and we went for an early (and long, chatty) lunch before setting out on our shopping expedition. Oh, and Amelia gave me my birthday gifts! Love them! The necklace even went with what I was wearing, and I needed a compact mirror, but never expected one so pretty!I wish I'd had my camera, because we saw so many cute things, and even bought several things including a pair of tiny red Mary Janes that I fell in love with. It was so much fun and the echoes of "that's so cute" -- that one generally hears in shops with baby clothes -- issued from the two of us too many time to count. I'm so amazed at all of the baby conveniences now; some are mostly for show, but so many are such wonderful and clever ideas that I WISH had been available when Erin & Amelia were born. Cool stuff, useful stuff, silly stuff, clever stuff, and just plain cute stuff.

I got home around 5:00, rested for a short while and then when Fee came home, we went to Amelia' and Chris' house for dinner. Delicious! Steak, baked potato, salad, chocolate silk pie. Mmmm.

I spent a lot of time in the nursery admiring everything; Amelia is so crafty and has such creative ideas. Again, I wish I'd taken pictures.

I did manage to get a few pictures:

Here are the prospective parents.How about these two? Similarities??My baby girl grew up. Lady Carolina Belle loves attention. And she's heavy enough to make sure she gets plenty. Just bulldozes her way right in. This is a family of female divas. Poor Chris and L.J. are overwhelmed with feminine personalities. Even husky Carolina Belle is very girly, girly.I'm going to have a glass of wine!
It was just about a perfect day!


  1. Happy Birthday, Jen!! What a lovley day you had...You two are so beautiful! =-) Hey, that gift basket of sweets looks like it needs a serious cup of tea to go with...I'm available...have teapots, will travel...=-)

  2. It does sound like a perfect day. Happy birthday to YOU! I'll be right over to help you with those cookies....

  3. hippo birdie two ewe, hippo birdie deer jen, hippo birdie two ewe!!

    great pictures. especially love the one of you and your daughter. see you and your daughter have the same height difference as I have with my em! (and I don't really think I'm short, she's tall and I fear I'm getting that the you know what has happened)

  4. Your birthday sounds wonderful...and here are some very last minute Happy Birthday wishes to you (it isn't midnight here yet). You had the perfect meal, one of my faves. Love the photos, especially of you and your pretty daughter. All are so nice.

  5. Debby -- Come onna my house! Bring teapots!

    Rian -- Hurry on over, Rian! Debby is bringing the teapots, I have everything else!

    kimy -- No, no, no...we can't be getting shrinking!

    Connie -- Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had such a lovely day.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Jen!

  7. a belated happy birthday to you, Jen! The necklace does look beautiful with your shirt and jacket. Also think the compact is so lovely but admit a special envy of that AMAZING baked good basket!


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