Sunday, November 11, 2007

We Interrupt This Program...

because when I read Tonya's tree tutorial this morning, I couldn't wait to try the blue and white tree combination and quickly decided that the regularly scheduled program of cleaning and organizing could wait a while. I have left-over trees from this quilt, but I wanted blue and white...

So, after looking through my blues, I decided to use this fabric that I've had for several years. It has never appealed that much to me for some reason, but I thought it would work well for these blocks. And I gave myself a break from the cleaning and organizing-- because I didn't sew at all yesterday. I've also gotten two reverse blocks done (blue trees, white background), except for the trunk section, but I have to move on for now. These trees are so quick and so much fun.

Back to the cleaning; I now have more fabric to fold and put away, but I'm a happier camper.


  1. Glad you're having fun. See? You DO have fun! Anything that causes an interruption in housework is a good thing, and folding fabric is a happy pastime. The blue trees are darling.

  2. Some of my favorite activities include messing up the studio and then cleaning it up again!

  3. I like the trees. How fun! And I think stopping the cleaning to do some sewing is a very wise decision.

  4. Rian -- I AM having fun with all of these little projects. Interrupting housework is a frequent entertainment around here!

    Kim -- You're right; both activities have their own positive points!

    Deb -- Thanks, Deb. Now I'm working on the lettering. Making pieced letters isn't easy for me, but they are slowly progressing.

  5. Love the trees - well worth passing on mundane tasks.

  6. ooh, the trees came out great. love that Collaborative Quilting quilt too - great colors.

  7. Gerrie -- :) Much more fun than mundane tasks.

    Tonya -- Thanks!


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