Sunday, November 18, 2007

This and That, Again

I got a little, very little, sewing done today, but I did manage to settle into some reading . My reading has been neglected lately; I have several books started, but have allowed them to languish, neglected and unfinished. Posting on my book blog is difficult when I don't read. Finished Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott; unfortunately, it took me forever because, although a lot of people loved it, I did not. Still I kept on ...hoping that it would grow on me. The author of a new biography of Shel Silverstein sent me a review copy of her book, A Boy Named Shel. I am looking forward to this one-- Silverstein was a household favorite when the kids were growing up and a fascinating character to boot!
Yes, I'm still struggling to post every day. The first two weeks were so easy, but I'm back in the "whatever can I write about" stage.

Do you recognize Shakespeare in this sketch?


  1. Oh ! So your're the one who got me into this daily posting idea !! Hah ! It IS getting a bit more difficult as the end of the month approaches .. but Thanksgiving should be good grist for the mill ! BTW - have a very happy one !

  2. Hah! I've got it--Hugh Laurie.

  3. I LOVE Shel Silverstein. When I was 11 I could recite the entire "Me Whoo with an Exactly-what on a chain" poem. I can't wait for this bio to come out!

  4. Ah, another blogger who is making an unofficial stab at National Blog Posting Month.

    I hate signing up for online stuff because I never seem to know where the information is going to end up.

    Also, except for one editor-acquaintance, I didn't want to announce publicly that I was trying this post-a-day challenge because who wants to fail in front of others.

    When I mentioned this NaBloPoMo to my significant other the comment was "Well, why not just try it for a week and see how you do?" I haven't determined if this was a reality check on my past record or a lack of faith.

    The latest comment was the complaint that "You're spending way to much time on this blog-thing."

  5. I LOVE Shel Silverstein. Even though the kids are all grown, his books are still in a prominent spot in the bookcase. Can't wait to read this book about his life. Yeah!

  6. Marie -- I'm not sure; there are quite a few people making the attempt to post every day. Speaking of Thanksgiving...I have quite a few things to get done. Grist for the mill! And have a happy one, yourself!

    Rian -- It is! House, himself.

    Archaic Dome -- Silverstein works his way into your brain doesn't he? I'm eager to start the bio!

    hughes -- I do find it quite a challenge, even unofficially. Once you've admitted that you are going to try, it immediately becomes more difficult. And it does take up time...even though a lot of it is trying to think of something to say!

    Paula -- His poems just stick in the memory and can make me smile even thinking about them! I'll let you know what I think of the biography.


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