Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm still working on the Complaint Free Challenge, but I'm not sure what day I'm on -- and that doesn't seem to matter any more. Realizing that I can observe and track my tendency to complain (read: indulge in whining and self-justification) has had a subtle, but positive effect already.

I was gone most of yesterday and didn't have a chance to do any sewing. I did, however, make a significant dent in the chaos of my sewing room late in the afternoon. What a disaster area! It had gotten to the point that the only choice was to straighten and clean in order to get on with my various projects. It is such a satisfying feeling to see most of my fabric folded and neatly stored, to be able to locate all my notions and tools that have been scattered about (now hopefully, they will not require a search to find where they are hiding), to have a clear space on my cutting table without just sweeping everything to the side; it isn't all done, but enough progress has been made to encourage me to continue.

Ideas are coming thick and fast. Notes about what to make and what to use and how to go about it are burgeoning; sometimes too much information and too many possibilities, but since deciding some time in October to try to do some sewing/felting/fiber stuff every day, no matter how little, most days have resulted in just that. It might be a half hour of hand quilting at night, or playing with the embellisher, or having fun with the baby items, but most days I've been able to work on something fiber related. Don't you think cleaning and organizing the sewing space is fiber related?

And so--because there is already not enough time to do all I want-- I subscribed to Fiber & Stitch a couple of weeks ago--which has provided more ideas, techniques, and possibilities. Then Tonya offered Lazy Gal Winter Class, and I just can't resist it either.


  1. Can feel the creative excitement from here! I think cleaning and sorting is definitey "fiber related" because it helps us revisit our previous ideas and inspirations as well as developing some new ones.

    Just this morning I decided to stop counting days with that challenge. Now that I'm more used to this process I think the counting distracts from the actual purpose of the challenge as I have chosen to define it. May just keep some brief notes to myself in my journal about when/why/how I slip up but otherwise let the endeavor settle in as just another part of life rather than some kind of special project.

  2. Awww, we were cleaning and organizing our studios at the same time. It had gotten to the point that there was no space to start a new project ... I couldn't get at fabrics I knew I had ... plus, could I barely navigate the room.


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