Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Real Beauty

Wow! The following video is really going to make you think. Not that we haven't all been aware of the media's barrage about the need for perfection or beauty, but seen like this and knowing how impressionable children are, it carries quite an impact. I found this via divine caroline and there is more about the Dove campaign here.


  1. Thanks for posting this video and the link to the Dove site. This is such an important issue and one that we have hashed out over and over in our house. I remember thinking I was fat in the first grade, 6 years sad is that...I was just tall and so weighed more than my shorter classmates (we had a weigh-in one day in front of the whole class for a project of some kind...horrible thing to do)...but I didn't realize the height thing then and so have felt that way most of my life. I never was actually heavy until middle age but have always felt that way, for as long as I can sad...but, luckily, age has brought me to a point in my life when I love myself no matter what and know that all the hype and industry crap is just that...and that a healthy lifestyle and mind set are the important things and the weight seems to have taken care of itself...Great post...

  2. thanks. we need more companies that take a socially responsible position and try and cut through the CRAP like dove does... powerful bit of video. xx

  3. Wow. Really drives it home, doesn't it?

    Firmer. Younger. Thinner. And let's not forget the girls' favorite doll, Barbie. How is a little girl at the threshold of womanhood to cope!

    I am aware of the Dove thing and think it's a huge step in the right direction. Go Dove!

  4. Debby -- We have had that discussion at our house, too, but fighting the images is difficult. It is sad to see how many girls feel inadequate based on a standard of beauty that very few measure up to.

    jude -- "Onslaught" does describe it, doesn't it?

    kimy -- It would really be nice if it actually had an effect on other companies, but...well, at least Dove has made an impressive effort.

  5. Rian -- Exactly! Firmer, younger, thinner; covers every age group. How girls cope with that much pressure with so few examples of "real" women in the media--good question. Because we are all influenced by it. Firmer. Younger. Thinner.


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