Saturday, November 17, 2007

Not Much Sewing

Very little sewing done in the last two days. Friday, Amelia and I went to Deck the Walls, which was a disappointment; had lunch; then went to Les Boutique de Noel, which was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time looking and talking to friends; we each bought a few things I got a long, sleeveless sweater with a shawl neck from Medina's that I just love. Medina's has the cutest clothes, and two of Amelia's friends were manning the booth so there was a lot of chit-chat going on. In another booth was a college friend of mine and her lovely daughter (we watched Jill & Ivy grow up), so that was fun, too. Then to JoAnn's where we each got some crafty or quilty things. By the time I dropped Amelia off and got home it was around 5:00, and I was pooped.

Today, several places with Robin and Katie looking at stuff for the cabin before heading down there to see the roof which went on this week. Food, discussion, decisions, measurements. Food.

Tomorrow, I'm staying home and sewing. I think.

I'm still trying to post every day, but this coming week is going to be difficult.

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