Friday, November 16, 2007

Lists, Cats, and Shopping

I love lists like these: The Natural Way to Clean Everything in Your House. Of course, I never know where the list is when I need it, but reading them gives me some kind of deep satisfaction.

melia and I are having another lunch and shopping expedition today. There are a couple of Christmas shopping events downtown:

Les Boutiques des Noel, selected merchants display their wares for an early shopping frenzy that raises funds for the Shreveport Opera Guild.


Deck the Halls at Art Space offers gifts created by local artists. The director of Art Space is William Joyce, the illustrator and author of children's books and animated movies (Meet the Robinsons, Robots,and Rolie Polie Olie).

Our original plan was to go to Joann's to use our coupons and see what crafty items were available, but I imagine that will have to wait as the two annual events mentioned above will take so much time.

Too funny! The first few seconds are a little slow, but then....!


  1. OHMYGOSH that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! We have a new kitty in our house and we just cracked up watching this!! Thanks, Jen!

  2. waaaaaaay too funny, although I do feel dreadful for the poor cat with the ceiling fan issues. Had to come back and see it again this evening. The crazed rendition of Pachelbel as a soundtrack is a particularly nice touch.

  3. I cut and pasted the cleaning list into a word document...I hope I come across it when its needed.

  4. Debby -- Can't help but laugh at these cat antics! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Acey -- I agree, the ceiling fan episode is a bit scary!

    Karoda -- The cleaning list had several things I want to try, but by next week...I'll have forgotten to even think about it!

  5. Cats are really the funniest animals ever!

  6. Rhonda -- Cats crack me up!


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