Friday, November 09, 2007

Links and Thanks

Places to visit:

Cotton Spice for tutorials on last minute gifts; I just found this one and spent a lot of time there.

Jude, of course, to see the progress on her marvelous story quilt.

Bernice Enyeart's Online Quilt Gallery (oh, my gosh!) what gorgeous quilts! Xanadu may be my favorite, but they are all so wonderful. Or maybe, Fred and the Birdbath. There is also an audio tour!

I won this Traveling Seamstress light pattern from Sew Mad the other day, and have (rudely, but not intentionally) failed to mention it in my posts. However, many thanks, to Katrin, the mad hatter!! I really do appreciate it and plan to make one soon.

On to cleaning house and doing laundry, a few errands, and PLAY.


  1. Hi, Jenclair! I was blogging on someone else's blog, read a comment of yours, clicked on your name, and I was excited because you are from Bossier City! I am from Shreveport, but I don't live there anymore.

    I love your blog! I will come back to visit, often.

  2. Hi, Amanda. Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to comment. Do you get back to this are very often?

    I lived in Shreveport and went to school there most of school years; when my husband and I moved back to the area, I taught in Shreveport until retiring.

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. no problem, jen.
    i'm glad you like it! ^-^


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