Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How to Make Errands Fun

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. I had several errands to run and duties to perform so to reward myself, I made a list with places I wanted to go that were "on the way" or "on the way home."

It works like this: on the way to the first unpleasant, unimaginative, or mundane chore, you stop at a place you enjoy on the way. Depending on the time of day and time of year, it might be (for me) stopping at Counter Culture for a Humphrey (yogurt and fresh fruit, mmmm) or Papa's for their delicious sandwiches on heavenly bread. That sort of thing. Food, however, wasn't the reward yesterday.

Yesterday's route, planned with more efficiency than usual, took me first to Ladies-In-Waiting to pick their stylish brains and purchase a little dress Amelia had fallen in love with. Newborn size and waiting for its prospective owner to arrive, it is being monogrammed.

Next stop. Boring.

On to Material Girl, a local quilt shop that is having a going-out-of-business (slowly) sale. Fat quarters for $1.25-2.00 and one yard lengths and most notions at 40% off. Hands full of stuff I didn't really need, but couldn't afford to pass up (?) , I took my grinning self to the counter. Where, in that serendipitous the way of the world, a flyer for the Red River Quilters made its way into my bag.I must have had baby girls on the mind because I bought plenty of pink!
Next stop. Mundane.

Next stop. Duty and confusion.

Next stop. JoAnne's to pick up some elastic, some linen, some more rick rack, and to enjoy another browsing experience. And I met someone who reads my blog and who also belongs to the Red River Quilters, another serendipitous event. Hi, Jacquie!

Last stop. Mundane.

Then home, to admire my new purchases. It was 4:30 by this time. A full day of rewarding myself for doing what had to be done anyway. Heh!

The only sewing I did yesterday was this little skirt, which took no time at all. I had already done the the top.

Today: lunch and shopping with Amelia. A difficult life, but one must work with what one has. :)


  1. What a fun post! I'm going to have to take your tactics to heart. I love the little outfit. Wonderful!

    I have just found both your quilting and book blog and am completely enjoying both!

  2. my rewards usually have something to do with chocolate. Or changing back into my pajamas once I'm back home...

  3. Those little onesie outfits are so adorable.

  4. Now I wish I had some mundane errands to run today so I could work my day for rewards...hey, I'll just skip the errands, and do all rewards, :)

    loving the outfits!

  5. Love the outfits!!! I too wish I had some mundane errands to run today so I can try your system.

  6. Jen, Love your attitude and your ability to bend. Life isn't always what we want but it is what we get...
    You're making such fun things and the rick-rack and the monkeys are just too cute!
    Hugs, Connie W

  7. rick rack really takes me back in time ....I feel the need to pick up some packets and have some fun! enjoyed running around with you. thanks. ;)

  8. Paula -- Thanks for the nice comments and for visiting my blogs!

    Acey -- :) I love the pajama reward. Sometimes I have casual Friday around here...pj's all day long!

    Rian -- Thanks! So easy, so fun!

    Karoda -- Works both ways, but more fun when you skip the dull stuff entirely and go right for the gusto!

    Kim -- Thanks! Try Karoda's solution and just do the fun stops. Maybe you'll think of a dull errand to include.

    kimy -- Amelia had fallen in love with a little dress with rick rack, which got me started. Rick rack is always "sort of" of popular, but makes the great returns every few years. I'm finding myself falling back in love with it.

  9. Connie-- I'm finding that watching those negative thoughts (complaints, whines, critical comments) are having a positive effect on my general attitude.

    On the baby things, I keep saying, "Oh, I can use that scrap and make another top and skirt" -- even though Amelia doesn't really need any more, I'm not sure that I can stop. Oh, but Erin's friend and my adopted daughter Ren just had a baby girl! I'll send some to her!


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