Tuesday, October 30, 2007

squirrels , dryer sheets, and seed pods

The dryer sheets kept the squirrels out of my flower pots for about a week, then the holes reappeared. Took another dryer sheet, tore it into sections like before, and put them in the pots, and the little devils are leaving them alone again. Not a perfect solution, but better than before.The seed pod for the Texas Star hibiscus appeals to me in both shape and color.The Raft Bayou cabin is coming along at a remarkable pace. Some of the workers are even working weekends. It may even be ready for Thanksgiving! We spend a good portion of every weekend down there, and since the weather has finally cooled down, it is even more pleasant. All of the children and grandchildren are excited and looking forward to its completion; it will provide a "home place" for all of us...from baby Bryce who won't arrive until December through the the cousins, nieces, nephews, and the three siblings and our spouses. The big cabin will have two bedrooms, but there will be plenty of places for people to sleep, and eventually, we will have 3 small "bedroom cabins" to provide us older folk with a little more privacy. Mother and Dad would have loved it.


  1. "Mother and Dad would have loved it."

    I'm sure they would have. Oh, the cabin too, but they would have loved most of all seeing their progeny sharing life and joy together. Isn't that every mother's wish?

  2. I liked your squirrel picture so much, I turned it into a puzzle over a jigzone.


  3. The cabin sounds wonderful. I've always dreamed of a cabin like that for the family.

    That seed pod is beautiful!

  4. Jane Ann -- :) Yes, I guess it is.

    Rissa -- How cool, Rissa! I'm gonna' work that squirrel puzzle today!

    Sioux -- The cabin is going to be a joy, I think. We are so looking forward to it.

    Aren't seed pods one of the most interesting aspects of the fall? Some are so intricate.

  5. How wonderful your cabin, and especially the family times will be!

  6. Kay -- I'm so looking forward to having it completed! It will be a great family center soon!


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