Friday, October 19, 2007

Sort of Sick and Tired

I've been feeling a bit tired all week, and yesterday was so tired and uncomfortable that I decided to check the thermometer. Sure enough, running fever. Cold or sinus. Blahh.

Anyway, although very tired, I didn't feel too bad and medication helped so I continued to play with the embellisher and wet felting, slowly.

Both of these are wet felted, but on the second one, I added additional colors with the embellisher...originally it was black with purple. Remember that I'm still learning ; I have a long way to go. Both pieces had thin spots.

What will I do with them? Not sure, may just keep them as samples, may work on them some more with the embellisher and free motion quilting.

Below: I took a bunch of tiny scraps from various projects and, using the embellisher, needle punched them onto muslin. The process sort of "aged" the fabric, making it appear more vintage.
Rian asked about a tutorial, and I may try some more of both embellishing and wet felting today, and will take pictures of the process.


  1. Yes, please keep telling us more about this process. I love what you're doing, novice or not.

  2. Oh I love what the machine does to the fabric pieces. Hope you recuperate quickly.

  3. Jenclair, do you ever check the Bernina website? They have a nice recipe for a felted journal cover that they just posted under "Sewing Studio" 12 Weeks of Giving. Here's the link for you and anyone else who might be interested (except don't divide it as I did to make it fit the space--just copy and paste into your browser without any gaps):

  4. I can see all sorts of possibilities with what you're doing. Patches for purse flaps, decorative boxes, book covers, not to mention quilts made with the pieces. I have the Janome Xpression. I'm itching to spend more time playing on it, but HAVE to finish the never ending Irish Dance dress before I can doing anything else!

  5. Sorry you have caught a bug of some sort, I hope you get better very soon. Your felting projects are looking GOOD. Take care.

  6. Jane Ann -- This time, I hope to advance a bit in my technique. With an embellisher, I can do the needle felting SO much more quickly. Thanks for the link; I will check it out!

    Acey -- Yes, I think the needle punching is the kind of instant aging that can change the overall feeling of a fabric. Sometimes that is exactly what you need.

    Deb H. -- You always have so many good ideas! I know some people have made quilts using felt; it seems like it would be a big project to wet felt all the pieces, but what a WARM quilt it would make!

  7. Connie -- Shortly after I wrote yesterday's post, the headache and stuffiness laid me low. Spent most of the rest of the day sleeping. Thanks for the nice comment on the felting!


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