Friday, October 12, 2007

Ready to embellish and a tip on piping...

It's here! The embellisher came in yesterday, and Fee picked it up for me. He didn't get home until around 8:30, and I really didn't have time to even set it up and experiment (partly because he was hovering and I couldn't concentrate). He was so excited and wanted to see how it worked, and I wanted quiet-- and time to read the instructions and figure things out by talking to myself. :)

No time today or even this weekend to really get acquainted with my new toy as Erin and her family are coming in, have to visit Laddie, Amelia's shower is tomorrow, a cookout scheduled for Raft Bayou (to celebrate getting the concrete laid!), plans to have all the kids and grandkids get hand prints in the concrete, and all the stuff that goes along with the above.

Here is what I've been working on lately (new attempt to spend at least an hour a day doing something in sewing room - making or cleaning and organizing). I've seen these pencil rolls on line and figured they couldn't be too hard to make, so I made a pattern (really, just a series of measurements) and tried one in muslin. Discovered some mistakes or ways to improve, then made another, the one with the leaf button. More ways to improve, and so a third using the fabrics I used in Mila's apron (tied a little too snuggly in the photo) a couple of years ago. Measurements were based on size of scraps for this one, and I made piping for the top of the little pencil slots. Still more ways to improve or change; will try more when I have time. The one for Mila has a place for her scissors.

I used a tip for the piping that I found somewhere and that worked well for me. When enclosing the piping, use some fusible, then iron close to cording. Avoids the first stitching and you sew it right into your project.


  1. at last! for some reason this post has inspired me to get off the computer and get on tackle my tasks for the day (it's a home day and there's so much to do!) thanks for the nudge (and you didn't even know it) have a great weekend with erin and the kids....

  2. Hooray for your Embellisher.
    I love your new project - and the piping tip made so much sense - what a "duh!" moment. Thanks for posting it !

  3. kimy - :) I got a lot done yesterday and hope you did, too! I even had a little time to set up the embellisher and play for a few minutes; can't wait to really have some time to spend with it.

    Marie -- Yep! It finally arrived and is being coddled and cooed over.

    That is exactly what I experienced when I heard about the fusible with the piping: "duh!" Works a treat for eliminating first stitching and getting a snug fit.

  4. Love those pencil holders. I've just been doing some organizing in my sewing space and have several sets of different kinds of pencils that these would work well for. Thanks for the tip about fusing piping.

  5. Fran - Thanks! The little pockets are good for storing fabric pens, markers, etc.

  6. Thanks for the piping tip; I may try that.


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