Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Is It October Already?

It is still so hot! I'm ready for the cooler temperatures that are supposed to arrive toward the end of the week. In the 90's again today, though.

I finished putting the binding on Crane the other day. He has a little bead for an eye, but it doesn't show up too well on the black & white dot fabric. All said and all done (as the auctioneer says) on this project.
Laddie's Birthday on Friday.
Erin and the grandkids are coming this afternoon. I spent most of yesterday cleaning up after having let things go for the past week due to all of the activities-- some serious like the trip to El Dorado to see Aunt Mary, some annoying and frustrating, and some pleasant like Laddie's birthday on Friday and a Sunday spent down at Raft Bayou. Because rain was predicted (but didn't materialize--bah!), I also mowed and edged the yard in 93 degree heat and high humidity. Things are now fairly clean and organized, and a trip to the grocery store is on the agenda.

I love the shape of these bags (Sube Sacs), and Kris La Flame has a great tutorial with pictures and easy to follow instructions.


  1. Great Job! I love the Crane on the background fabric.

    Sending my Birthday wishes to Laddie.

  2. I just LOVE that happy crane !
    Laddie looks like a 'pip" and I am so glad he was able to enjoy that special M&M Cake.

  3. Jen, that's a fun quilt! And the party looks fun too. You look happy!

  4. love the crane, and i love those dots, i am really into dots lately. kristin's bags are cool too, i think i'll try one.

  5. Looks like a wonderful birthday party!

  6. I didn't say, but I love your crane!

  7. Debbi - Thanks! for the nice comment and for the Birthday Wishes!

    Marie - Laddie does love cookie cake. His eyes lit up when he saw that box.

    Connie - When Laddie is happy, we are all happy. He tires easily, and too much activity makes him nervous, but we cut things short when we see the need.

    jude - I'm thinking that I'll try one of kristin's bags, too.

    Sue - It was a good party. We even ended up back in his room dancin' a little to Glen Miller!

  8. I love Crane. It is awesome!

  9. Thanks, Deb! He hung around a long time before I finally decided to finish him.


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