Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Fresh Start? And Congratulations All Around...

Louisiana has a new governor! Way to go, Bobby Jindal! With 54% of the vote, there won't even be a run-off. I feel more confident about our state's future than I have in a long time.Happy Anniversary to Fran! Debra is preparing to host some quilters for the IQF...hate that I won't be able to make it...always a dream, never a reality. Rian needs a name for her new quilt!
Kay's ghost orchids are just lovely. Rhonda has completed a knock-out quilt for the "stay at home challenge." You know, for those who aren't able to get to Houston. I love Karoda's new circle fabric. And Gerrie has enough energy for about 3 people. ACey has been posting pictures of autumn in New England...someday, I'll get there to see the gorgeous foliage. Jude always has a needle in her hand and an imagination that makes me smile. And Marie on her beautiful island continues to inspire.

Since making my resolution to work on something that is in some way sewing/craft related each day, I've been fairly successful. Since I've not been feeling at the top of my game with this cold, about the only thing I've done in the last 3 days (besides sleep) has been play with felting. When the medication kicks in and I feel better, I play...then I rest for hours. :) I've taken some pictures of the latest attempts and will post later. Still tired and sneezey, but better.


  1. congrats to louisiana on your new governor! sounds like a major sea change! gosh, even though he's 36 and the youngest governor he looks even younger - (and what a hottie! but of course we know smarts is what counts)

  2. Oh please let me know when you do get here. I'd love to be your personal tour guide at Walden Pond and let you paw through my chaotic treasure trove here in the workroom ...

  3. Kimy - He's very young and very smart. He has a tough row to hoe here in Louisiana, but we're hoping for the best.

    Acey -- That would be almost too much fun! I'll let you know if I ever get up that way because Walden Pond and your workroom are not to be missed!

  4. Wonderful news! After Nagan got reelected in NOLA, I sort of gave up on y'all over there to the west.

    Oh, and I tagged you for a meme. Do not feel compelled to complete it, but I was curious about your answers. :-)

  5. Rissa -- I wonder if we will ever be out of the woods, but Jindal is a start!

  6. nothing like medication.....except not needing it i suppose. being sick is a bummer....exceptwhen u get to sta home from work! feel better....


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