Friday, October 26, 2007

Embellisher Trouble and Scarf? Muffler?

The center needle in my embellisher won't stay in. I've tried everything, and I guess I'm going to have to give up and take it to the shop. Which is WAY across town. It works quite well without it, but I get frustrated when I put it in over and over, thinking maybe it will work this time. It needs to be seen by an expert...maybe just a change of the screw.

Received more from roving (Merino) from Try Our Designs, and it is so much finer than the Corriedale. Although it is just as wool as the Corriedale, it has such a silky feel to it. Plan to play with it some today, but have several projects going right now and new fabric from Equilter, too.

Here is the scarf/muffler I just finished. Instead of using batting, I used muslin as the middle layer. The strips of Asian fabric had been cut long ago for a possible coin quilt that never got started.
I've taken all of the machine quilting out of Circles & Squares and am now hand quilting this at night as I watch television. When I get tired of it, I put it away and take out the little embroidery piece and put in more running stitches.


  1. Oh I have a huge-ish stack of cut rectangles intended for for a chinese coin quilt that never happened, too! This gives me great ideas for some simple holiday gifts.

  2. Acey -- simple and quick. I love finding something to do with all of my scraps and WIP's in various degrees of completion.


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