Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yesterday, I ended up sleeping or resting most of the day. Thought about going to the doctor, but didn't feel like going. Right now, I feel OK; stopped up and as if I have a bale of cotton between my ears, but no achy feeling.

The only thing I accomplished yesterday was to cut a piece of wet felting in half and bead it to make wrist warmers/cuffs. The green was applied with the embellisher later, after the eggplant had dried for 24 hours.
First picture of cuff without beading.
With beading.The cuffs should be useful in the winter; the can be worn with a coat, sweater, or just under a long sleeve tee. There is also a possibility of the fingerless gloves out of felt, which would come down closer to the knuckles.

Jane Ann gave a link to a felted notebook cover, and Deb H. made some suggestions about other uses for the felted items.

We'll see what today brings...


  1. Wow, that's beautiful! I'll bet it is warm also. It's really a piece of jewelry.

  2. Fran - Thanks! I hate it when the wind gets up my sleeves (or down my neck), and the cuffs should help.


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