Sunday, September 09, 2007

September Sunday

I've gotten more yard work done, both yesterday and this morning. My pile of yard debris is daunting...weeds, dead plants, trimmed limbs, vines (the nasty kind), and so on. Hope to manage a decent fall clean-up this year since the last couple of years have been so lax.

I'm not getting much done in the creative area, although I've quilted some more on Circles & Squares (boring--I made a mistake in attempting the circles) and have put it aside once again. A bit of hand quilting on the cone flowers. Not much on anything. However, I've received two new quilting books that will hopefully provide inspiration and motivation.

What has been going on around here is 5-6 hours of reading each night; I'm in one of those stages that no sooner do I finish one, but another is in my greedy hands. The new Richard Russo (Bridge of Sighs) is great, and the fall reading challenges are fun.

We went to see Amelia's new house on Friday, painters were still there and fumes became oppressive, but I fell in love with the bathroom. When I grow up, I want a bathroom like that! The sinks haven't arrived yet, and work is still going on, but they should have everything done next week. And the gosh, there are closets and storage areas galore. The house was in pretty good shape to begin with, but Amelia and Chris decided to make all improvements before moving in. I'll take my camera next time to record the progress.

Mila will be starting dance lessons next week. Erin says there is a two-way mirror so the parents can watch without be a distraction. This is an experience I must manage--watching four-year-olds in dance class without their being discomfited or distracted by an audience. I'm grinning just thinking about it. Oh, the heady memories of my own dance classes and those of Amelia and Erin. Tutus and toe shoes and dreams of performing a pas de deux! Toe shoes for Miss Mila are, of course, way down the line. Here is a Photoshopped pic of Mila last summer putting on her new sandals with the tutu Fee bought her.
Now to get ready for brunch. :)


  1. I love the colors of the fabric and the circles add a punch to your quilt.

  2. Debbi -- Thanks! I like the appliqued circles, but quilting it in large circles is a boring process (and, uh, isn't lookin' that good either).

  3. I love your circles & squares. Maybe a few x's quilted in it would be fun, then you could call it Hugs & Kisses.

    Miss Mila is so cute!

  4. I also love that circles and squares quilt. Are you quilting by hand or machine? Anyway, hang in there. It will be worth it.
    I didn't know Richard Russo had a new book. I'll look for that--thanks.

  5. Deb H -- Thanks, Deb. I'm quilting big circles, but it will need more, so I may put the x's in it, too!

    Kay -- I'm machine quilting large circles (which I'm considering taking out...but there are already so many...). I've put it aside because I'm so NOT liking it, but will have to finish eventually. :\ Maybe with the x's Deb suggested.


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