Sunday, September 23, 2007

Need a little magic?

For some reason the video keeps moving to the bottom of the page!

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I've gotten a lot of yard clean up done in the last week. Thank Goodness -- because now we are in for a week of predicted rain, which we badly need.

I'm not sure if our trip to Hot Springs is on or not. Of course, I'd dearly love to go for a long weekend, and maybe even venture a little farther north. We've discussed it several times, but then with some new projects looming down at Raft Bayou, the trip to Hot Springs has taken the back seat.The new project at Raft Bayou is the possibility of building a cabin so we can spend the night and have some amenities (especially the feminine members of our extended family of siblings, spouses, children, and grandchildren). It would be so nice to have a place for the family to gather in larger numbers without coming-out-at-the-seams of our homes, plus we all love the area and have plenty of activities suitable to all members and ages. Don't you think we should have a volley ball net for competitive sport?

The dream is to be able to have Thanksgivings and Christmases and any other special occasions there. I'm partial to that dream!
All of these pictures were taken at various times last fall.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful, perfect dream to me. It also sounds like you have a big enough family to make it happen. The first step in reaching your dreams is to roll up your sleeves and work to make it happen. Surely you can enlist eveyone else's help in this. Working together families can make almost anything happen!

  2. What lovely photos. Having a special place to congregate for special/and-or/other occasions is a terrific idea. Our family could benefit from a space like that, especially for our Christmas get-togethers, we DO burst at the seams and the noise level can get loud. I hope your plans do work out.

  3. Patti -- I think so, too. It is a lovely dream that will take some sweat equity, but that is part of the fun...anticipation and active involvement!

    Connie -- A place to get away and get together with a BIG table. :)

  4. Lovely photos. and as for the video, as we used to say, "far out."

  5. beautiful bit of land! best to you in making your dream for it a reality!

    video was 'far friggin' out!' lots of fun with office supplies!

  6. Deborah - I loved the butterfly segment of the video!

    kimy - what an awesome imagination, eh? I would love to watch one of these videos being produced?

    We appear to in agreement and hopefully within a week or so will have some forward motion.

  7. Wow these scenery photos are gorgeous - as are the photos with the butterflies and bees.

  8. Thanks, Shelina. The butterflies have been something special this year!


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