Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kitchen and Garden

Talapia with lemon and butter sauce and grapes swirled into the sauce to get nice and warm. The little dark bits are the basil and parsley.

Saffron rice, french bread, and zucchini.
I'm not really good at photographing food, but at least I did get pictures of last night's dinner. My rating has gone up again.

The way to a man's heart
...that maxim is certainly true. Fickle creatures that they are! You could never buy my affection with food. Although this was mighty tasty.

Fabric or books or plants...maybe.

A monarch on the lone milkweed. I'm not sure what happened to my milkweed this year, but this is my only plant, and it just bloomed. The yard is full of monarchs anyway--maybe they just "remember" the abundance of milkweed in the past. Next year, I will definitely replenish this monarch favorite. click to enlarge
This dragonfly is the only one that stayed still for a photo. He is, however, the prettiest, if not the largest. I love the black and white with the lime green. What is it with black and white that even my dogs turn out that way? click to enlarge


  1. Nice to look at someone else's dinner for a change. Looks delicious!

    Sorry your weekend plans went bust.

  2. Rian - another quick meal! I'm getting good at "quick." :)

  3. Great photos and dinner looks great too.

  4. love the insect shots.

  5. gonna use that little dragon as inspiration, need one for walter's garden....

  6. Connie -- Dinner was good. Love the sweet warmth of the grapes with the lemony sauce.

    Acey -- I tried again for another gorgeous dragonfly, but he would not settle long enough!

    Jude -- Oh, I can't wait to see! I be thrilled to have a vicarious part of Walter's quilt!


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