Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm So Easily Entertained

Back in the spring, inspired by Nellie and her ort pieces (I love her lake pieces and the remarkable variety in them), I wanted to experiment and started playing with a small ort piece of my own; I just wanted to try the process and had no design in mind. It ended up abandoned with all of the other things on my design wall (some of which I've gotten around to finishing this month- cone flowers and bee balm).

This morning , experimentation seemed to be the goal-- so down came the "ort piece," moving from WIP to guinea pig to a tiny pouch. The pictures have some color variation according to the light. The first pics are taken with the light by my sewing machine and are more accurate.

I just followed Nellie's general instructions by laying down scraps, threads, fibers, etc. on muslin and covering with netting. Then I began stitching. Here is the original piece.

Then a sturdier version appealed to me, so batting and another layer of muslin were added. Then stitched a bit more.
Switched to a gold metallic thread and stiched some more.
I began wondering what to do with it... and decided on a tiny pouch because it was such a small piece. Lined it with a pink silk, cut a bit of a shape following satin stitching, satin stitched over the shaped end, folded it up , and voila! A perfectly useless little pouch into which I slipped a lipstick and a chapstick. Color is really off on this one.
Need to stitch the velcro closure. Perfectly enjoyable way to spend my morning.
Last night, I began stitching down the binding on the crane piece while watching Heroes, but didn't finish because I wanted to watch more than I wanted to sew. Should finish it soon--if I decide to spend a few more minutes on it. W.I.P.' s are being eliminated, slowly, but surely!


  1. WoW! That turned out really nicely ! Love the wavy border!

  2. Well how cute is that! Love your creativity.

  3. This turned out really nice. Not only beautiful, but useful as well.

  4. Marie -- Thanks, it was fun to rescue this little piece from its lonely place on the wall and putter around with it some more.

    Connie -- You are so sweet. Next time I'll try to make it look like something like Nellie does!

    Shelina - I can't seem to leave well enough alone! It was a fun morning, though.

  5. That looks like fun! And sewing it into a little pouch was inspirational. Lovely!

  6. This looks like loads of fun. Am definitely inspired by it. Also LOVE that pic of you in the Rhino.

  7. its fabulous, what a great technique, nellie is so innovative. i think your piece suits the technique so well...

  8. I would call that fantastically successful experimentation, and love the exquisite little bag you made from it.

  9. What a fun little piece!

    I love your bees, butterflie & boots too!


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