Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Want..

an embellisher, a clean sewing room, to finish my current stack of books, to get my garden put to bed for the winter, to make a "padfolio," to finish WIP's, to make a new quilt. I go to the grocery store, to finish the laundry--oh, who cares what I need to do, it's all boring.

I've been wanting an embellisher for a while...well, at least since Cramzy started posting her lovely creations about 2 years ago, and Marie's little pouches are so enchanting that I asked why she decided on her embellisher. She generously shared information and directed me to Try Our Designs, a site with lots of good stuff. I've been doing online research, visited local shops, and been on the phone, and guess I'm working my way into full commitment soon.

I'm following Gerrie's example and setting the timer to clean up the sewing room. I've folded and put away fabric, put tools away, cleaned off my cutting table and computer desk, but there is still a long way to go.
Things around here have been hectic lately. I'm trying to keep working on my various sewing projects, but whenever I really get going, interference crops up--both physical and emotional. Aunt Mary is not doing well, and they moved her to El Dorado, Ark. to a hospice there. She has fought such a good fight, and when we visited her in the Minden hospital a little over a week ago, I thought she was making a good recovery. She is so vital and has such a strong spirit for such a frail little body. And she has been so sweet to me and to my children over the years...

Laddie's last couple of weeks have been difficult, but yesterday was good. He was having a good day, and I can't express how much better I feel as a result. We took a ride; just rode around for about 30 minutes, and he made occasional comments about what he saw. I left yesterday feeling good again.

Still using this to soothe myself when I have time.
I have been working on several book challenges over at A Garden Carried in the Pocket (my book blog), and am currently reading The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane Ackerman and The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher. As in everything else, my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and I have a big old stack of books to get through!


  1. Sounds like an overwhelming amount of responsibilities and must do's. I'll send some positive energy your way and pray that your load lightens, that health will prevail and that you get your embellisher !
    You can always clean the dsewing room some other day !!!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to the embellisher. Wow, wish they would show a price. I notice they are Babylock...I have a Brother Innovis 4000, so I really think the brand. I'd love to see what it does...actually see some finished product.

  3. And somebody to clean the house and cook dinner. As long as you're asking....

    Glad you were able to get out with Laddie yesterday. I'll bet he liked that a whole lot.

  4. Marie - I made a lot of progress in the sewing room, but that is the "want" list because it helps to have a little order there. I appreciate the positive energy!

    Sue - Check out this link for a comparison of the different kinds of felting machines/embellishers.

    Rian - Oh, yes, a dogsbody to perform all the chores!

    Laddie did seem to enjoy the break in the routine without going to the doctor!

  5. i want an embellisher too, even tho its plugged.
    and i love these little islands of stitches. little retreats. from interruptions. know it well.

  6. Wow, jenclair, that is wonderful and those prices are a lot better. Thanks so much for the info!!

  7. jude -- Definitely plugged. Wouldn't do for your daily commutes at all, but would be fun to come home to.

    Sue -- You are welcome!

  8. I am so pleased to be an inspiration for getting clean and neat!! Not my typical personna!! :)

  9. Gerrie -- I'm afraid I quit after getting things generally cleared off. Now, I need to work at reorganizing some of the spaces. And I've noticed that even where I'd removed all the clutter, it is creeping back in! This isn't a battle you win, is it? :)


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