Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gardens and quilts

I finished applying the binding to the cone flowers and have quilted the crane and have the binding ready to apply. Getting some of these projects out of the way is a relief. My copy of The Painted Quilt is full of inspiration. What a pleasure to linger over the lovely pictures and the methods and techniques the Kemshalls use.

Marty and I went to Minden yesterday to see Aunt Mary. It was a beautiful day for a ride, and she was feeling a little better, but still quite frail.

This morning is cooler. Like everyone else, I'm ready to put the summer behind and am looking forward to cooler temperatures. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I have renewed energy for working in the garden, and there is so much to do. I need to get some fall vegetables in the ground and to be thinking about any new bulbs I might want. Wayside Gardens is offering this new echinacea...a cone flower with such lovely muted shades of green/gold called "Coconut Lime." Isn't it gorgeous? And this lily...I think I must have at least one.

We got a little rain, not much , the other morning. I went out and took a few rain drop pictures.
Bottlebrush Buckeye. I'd forgotten that I'd planted this and don't remember it blooming last year, but in the back of one of the back beds this spot of red showed up this year. I may need to try some more garden quiltlets , maybe using a little manipulation.


  1. I have been very curious about The Painted Quilt. Maybe I will order it now based on what you said.

  2. Is that a Moses in the Basket with the raindrops? My Granny used to grow that as an indoor potted plant. Wouldn't survive our winters. I have a tiny blue version that grows around my yard here, that I'd never seen anywhere before. Clear blue flowers in bright green leaf baskets, so small you can hardly see the flowers.

  3. Fran -- very close! They are both tradescantia. Moses in a Basket is tradescantia bermudensis and has variegated leaves; mine is tradescantia pallida, also known as Purple Queen, Purple Heart, and Wandering Jew.

    Your version is crisper and more compact; mine has fat leaves and sprawls, but definitely kissin' cousins.

  4. ACey -- I love the Kemshall's work and think the book is great!

  5. the kemshalls are amazing...i want that book too! thanks.

  6. Wow, what stunning photographs!

  7. jude -- you will enjoy it; lots of possibilities for experimenting, which you love! A little "what if" here and "what if" there. :)

    Rissa - thanks! The one of the echinacea is from the Wayside Gardens site, the others are mine.


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