Monday, September 24, 2007

bee, butterflys, and boots

Saturday, I gardened: trimmed, weeded, and disposed of plants past their prime; planted cabbage and a final patio tomato; made attempts at rooting rosemary, basil, eucalyptus, rock rose and real rose.

Busy bee.
I followed these two for half an afternoon on Saturday. Or they followed me as I worked in the garden. They were so large that they cast shadows, so even if busy with weeding or trimming, I'd stop and get the camera. The problem was that they never slowed down and getting a photo without their wings in a blur was just a matter of chance. One was always right behind the other; they never separated.Sunday morning, I continued working in the garden and discovered that something had eaten two of my new cabbage plants, so used tomato cages to protect the rest.

Around noon, we headed to Raft Bayou. Here I am shortly after arriving and before I melted and turned to mud from sweat and dust. I visited most of the fields, toured all the roads and paths in the woods, followed the fence lines.Then I changed into my new boots. They no longer look like this, but they were excellent for hiking up the hill and held up better than I did. Robin and I were out of breath and covered with sweat after climbing to the top. The humidity was probably 80%, and it was hot as... the dickens. When we finally reached the top, we offered a prayer to defeat chiggers and poison ivy, before exploring further. (so far so good...this morning shows no signs of chiggers or ivy rash)

Robin disked this field last week. This is just a little portion where she almost ran into the trees because she was looking behind her. An old disk that sometimes functions as a place to set things.


  1. i'm imagining the sound that those shadow casting bees make. like small planes aren't they? i hd a concert from over grown crickets last night. love that pic of you, out on the north 40.....happy, u look happy.

  2. jude -- Amazing the sounds that can come from tiny creatures! I did have a lovely (if dusty) time.

    Sue - It was a fine day- good food, good fun.

  3. Your day left me feeling a wee bit tired! You have more energy than a body has a right to...good for you. Love those boots. Take care.

  4. Connie -- I was exhausted! It was so hot and humid, but still fun.

  5. Thanks for those wonderful photos. Raft Bayou is beautiful and I love that cute little vehicle your are toodling around in.

  6. Fran -- The Rhino is a remarkable little work horse and go almost anywhere! Much fun!


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