Monday, September 03, 2007

Aunt Mary

Yesterday, we went to Minden to Lakeview Methodist Church because the church was honoring my Aunt Mary who is retiring from playing the organ there. Aunt Mary taught music in Ringgold for years and many of her former students well as a passel of us cousins (ten first cousins + spouses). Unfortunately, most of the cousins were denied the musical talent, but certainly not the appreciation. It was a lovely service and there was a nice reception afterwards. She has had an influence on so many people, and it was nice to have an occasion for letting her know in a larger sense.

People kept lining up to talk to her and finding an opportunity to get a picture through the crowd was difficult, but persistence resulted in one of Aunt Mary and Uncle Buddy. The two of them have perfect pitch, and Aunt Mary dragged Uncle Buddy along on some singing excursions when they were children; she's two years older and was, I'm sure, "the boss of him." Free concerts, as it were.

This morning I froze some basil leaves and some minced basil (in ice cubes) and put some stems in water for rooting. Here in the South, the basil will last for another month or so, but I often put off this task until it is too late, so I decided to start a little early and do a little at a time. Think I'll make a little muslin bag and put some in my bath water (should probably add some rosemary --for my memory).


  1. Your Aunt Mary looks like a twin to y Aunt Lucille (though she died almost 20 years' ago). This must have been a fun party.

    You are lucky to be able to garden year-round. I enjoyed reading your posts - what adorable grandchildren you have. The T'ai Chi looks as if it is fun!

  2. Connie - I love fiddle music too. It was good to have the party since now I'm getting back into playing on my own more.
    Nikki - My jungle is a great place to discover new things. I was happy to find another rock lover in Erin. I have to invite her back and let her explore. The Monarchs are out ... finally.

    Chigiy - It's never too late to pick up an instrument. I needed some fun and it was ... I couldn't believe how many people we crammed into my back garden place, instruments and all.

    Celia - It really did lift my spirits. Thank you for passing on the Latin name of the Burning Bush. Can you tell that I'm not very good with shrub/tree identification? I think I'd love seeing the Spindles - the seeds are so beautiful.

    Curtis - The music was grand. Having all this talent playing in my garden was amazing for me.

    It made me feel much better about having missed fiddle camp...

    Jenclair - I checked out your quilting blog this morning. With the blue & black salvia, I suspect yours is a perennial. Mine is an annual, although I am planning to take some cuttings and also see if I can keep one alive in the house over the winter months. Probably not, but I'll try.

  3. Kate -- Aunt Mary is a special lady, and it was a fun get-together.

    I suspect that the reason your blue and black salvia (salvia guaranitica)is an annual is that you live so far north! Down here, it just keeps spreading.

  4. perfect pitch! sounds like a lovely retirement festival to honor your aunt mary - sounds like a special day for everyone. obviously uncle buddy must not have minded being bossed around by his big sister since so many years later he's still hanging out with sis!

    had to chuckle about the memory remark, I often remark that I should take ginko to help enhance my memory but just can't ever remember to do so! ah, so rosemary is good for memory and remembrance? good to know have lots and lots of rosemary about - 'tis my favorite herb.

    btw the last food post - YUM! thanks for always inspiring some new things to try!

    look at today's mouse and see if you want to take the photo challenge! would love it! eek!

  5. kimy -- It was a sweet occasion.

    I love rosemary, too, and can never resist running my hand along a branch to get the scent!

  6. What a great story! Let me know if the rosemary helps...

  7. Rian -- I don't know that it really helps my memory, but rosemary does seem to increase awareness with its lovely sharp scent.


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