Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday Morning

Fee and I went to see Laddie yesterday morning before going to brunch. He was busy reading his paper (a lifelong habit), but I got some pictures while there.

This is the sun room which has a nice view, although often used as a place for a quick nap.

Part of the dining area, taken from the bar and open kitchen area. Behind the white bookcase is another seating area with a comfortable couch and chairs.

Then to brunch at Giuseppe's, MMMM! Carpaccio for an appetizer, melt-in-your-mouth good. Of course, I don't think of taking pictures until we've already damaged the beautiful presentation! Lovely dressing with thin slices of fresh Parmigiana.

My Eggs Benedict were to die for...absolutely the best I've ever had. The Mimosa's were delicious, too.

My favorite waiter posed for a picture even if we weren't seated at one of his tables! Craig is really a friend from tai chi class, but once in a while I see him out of his element and looking quite handsome in another kind of uniform.

Entertainment? Oh, yes, and a wonderful way to enjoy a great meal with lovely chamber music in the background.


  1. I don't think it could have been any better, the wonderful food, the chamber music, wow. Laddie's accomodations look lovely.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. I'm glad Laddie has a nice place like that to hang his hat. The people who care for the aged are angels.

  3. Laddie is so cute--did he find a job? How wonderful the Cottage looks--it must give you such peace of mind.

  4. Connie - I really enjoyed the morning...until we got home and had to mow the yard. :)

    The Cottage is great and is strictly for Alzheimer's patients.

    Rian - They just kept refilling my mimosa as they walked by with champagne and OJ! Yes, the people who care for the aged, especially AD and dementia patients, deserve special blessings.

    Jane Ann -- He told my brother that he had been at the office, so I guess so! He's always talking business to the caretakers and other guests as if he were at the office. The Cottage is a great facility, and we are lucky to have it in the area.


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