Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fast Food!

Last night I fixed a Seafood and Kiwi recipe that I haven't made in years. I didn't take pictures, of course, but here is the pic from the cookbook.

Fee was delighted as he loves seafood (I'm not really a seafood person, generally). It turned out great, although I had to substitute talapia for the sole.

The salad I made was not this one because I didn't have watercress either. I made a spinach salad with sliced boiled eggs and mushrooms. I did use their poppy seed dressing, however, which I'd never made before, and Fee loved it.

The vegetable is shredded zucchini and summer squash with garlic. Very, very good, quick, easy.

Dessert -- bought apple pie (no sugar) and ice cream (light). Still hundreds of calories, I'm sure, but I felt better about it.

The prep is a little messy, but it is another one of those quick and easy meals. Easy, quick--that is always my goal.

I had just enough Reisling left for one glass of wine, and Fee had his beer. After all was cleaned up, we sat down to watch The Closer.

I posted some stuff on qi gong and tai chi, videos and links, on my book blog--if anyone is interested.


  1. Looks pretty doggone yummy, Jenclair!

  2. I just finished breakfast and you made me hundry - yummm!

  3. rian -- The kiwi gives such a nice tart flavor. And I do love that touch of green!

    gerrie -- It was a pretty healthy meal, too!

  4. Gee, you want to come cook for me too? It sounds lovely, & I love seafood!

  5. Deb -- :) I'm such a reluctant cook, but when the recipes are easy, I pretend that I have a knack for it. There's a recipe for halibut with grapes that is just waiting for you. Let me know when, and I'll even clean the house!

  6. What? No recipe? I would love to try that Seafood and Kiwi. Never tried shredding summer squash like that, so I think I'll pick a few and try that tomorrow. Thanks for the great menu ideas, Jenclair. Oh, and if you want to come by my house, I'll be happy to show you the kitchen!

  7. booklogged -- I'll post the recipe for you soon. I'll need directions to the kitchen!


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