Saturday, August 11, 2007

Health Benefits of Tai Chi and Bamboo Socks :)

I've been looking for some of the studies I found yesterday concerning the health benefits of tai chi. Laddie has CHF so when I found an article on tai chi and CHF, I thought it might be beneficial. This morning, I found a comment by Fran and remembered her bout with CHF and started looking for the article. I've been unable to locate that particular article, but this one on qi gong and CHF is good. Here is another site with links to abstracts on health benefits from the Journal of the AMA. Studies have been published on the effects of tai chi on rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, diabetes, and more.

I'm going to look for a DVD of qi gong exercises that might be useful at the Cottage when they exercise. Many of the exercises in qi gong could be practiced while sitting. I also remember that PBS also ran a program about a woman who did a Yoga class with people sitting in chairs.

The following is a cross post from my reading blog, but I'm so impressed with the spun bamboo fibers, I wanted to share it with you, so I just copied that post and pasted it here:

While in Houston, I bought two pairs of bamboo socks, and they really are the most comfortable socks I've ever experienced. These socks are great for anyone, but especially for athletic purposes and for diabetics. Made of spun bamboo fibers, they offer an eco-friendly alternative to cotton: “Bamboo is the new has all the properties that you physically want out of cotton, plus some. Bamboo is more antibacterial than [other fabrics like] cotton or wool, which are very absorbent and hold moisture in. Because Bamboo wicks moisture away, it’s great for your circulation and skin.”, September 25, 2005.

I'm thinking about ordering a few other articles, like this crew neck tee, when I order more socks. If the socks do such a great job keeping my feet dry and cool, the tees should also be a great addition to my wardrobe. They also make yarn for knitting, and although the colors are limited, I like them.

Here is another source that mixes bamboo fibers with cotton. For those of you in Canada, yet another source.

I'm leaving shortly to go to Baton Rouge to see the grandbabies!


  1. Qi gong can do wonders for stimulating creativity, too.

    This reminds me that I should get back into qi gong!

  2. Been missing you, glad you're back for now. Haven't heard of bamboo fiber clothing, very interesting.

  3. thanks for the testimonial on the bamboo socks. my boy is fascinated by all this new bamboo stuff but we haven't actually gotten any of it, but now I'm off to order some socks for f.... have fun with the grandbabies!

  4. Rian -- You are right, it does stimulate creativity! It activates both mind and body even as it releases tension. I remember you writing about qi gong a year or so ago!

    Connie -- Thanks! I really have to have more of the socks. Two pair doesn't quite make it, especially since I've developed an attitude about my "old" socks!

    kimy -- :) It will make you feel good just to be involved with something as ecologically sound. Hope he likes them!

  5. I am motivated to order one of those t-shirts. Hope/know the visit with grandchildren was divine.

  6. Wouldn't it be fun to get white bamboo yarns & hand dye it? I like the sounds of the socks & shirts too. I'll have to keep an eye out for them. Hmm, I wonder if Dharma Trading has them. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. I just saw some bamboo yarn at the craft store. Maybe I'll give it a try.

  8. I've seen catalogs with bamboo socks, but never heard a consumer evaluation. Thanks.

  9. ACey -- I'm ordering the tee and more socks!

    Deb -- Hadn't thought of that, but for you that would be a snap!

    Deborah --I'm going to be looking for the yarn at the local craft stores!

    Kay -- I really love the socks!

    (I posted a response that evidently didn't take a couple of days ago, so trying again.)


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