Sunday, August 19, 2007

Coffee and Collars

Started my morning by spilling my coffee on the desk (and piles of paper). Not an auspicious beginning to the day, but on the bright side, it wasn't all over the keyboard. The experience made me realize that the clutter had become unmanageable--how strange that the growing pile was invisible. I'm determined to get the desk back into shape, decide what to do with the various papers, and move on to cleaning the sewing room which is in the same cluttered shape.

Friday, I made a cute little dog collar slip cover for Mac, based on Penny Sanford's adorable examples. I didn't print out her pattern, but used the general idea and adjusted it for Mac's collar. It was a fun project, but my first response on putting it on my poor model was that he now looks like a circus dog. There may be more for the daughters' dogs (Erin's Mojo and Amelia's Jezza, L.J., and Lady Carolina Belle), but first, I think Mac needs a collar more suited to his personality, a little less, if you know what I mean. Will skip the scallops on the next one; Mac is such a tailored dog. Of course, some bandannas are also a strong possibility...
However, first will be a visit to Laddie and then brunch with Fee. Cleaning can wait.


  1. That's my mantra, "Cleaning can wait."

    What an adorable little pooch. I could just kiss that white spot on the back of his head.

  2. I like the little heart details.

    Do you know I think of you pretty much every time I seek to bring order from chaos here in this workroom?

  3. I think Mac needs a little less ruffle. With his name and your heritage, it seems to me a tartan is in order.

  4. I hear you: my clutter becomes part of the scenery and I don't see it anymore either. I'm working on it, though....

  5. Uh-oh, coffee on the desk, sounds like something I've been up to recently. Clutter? It's just a fact of life that I try to ignore as long as possible.

  6. Rian,
    Such rhythm in that mantra!

    He has a nice white blaze on his chest, too, and his tags were doing that cheap jewelry thing and making it look dirty. That was one reason for the collar cover... but I also put a sealer on the tags.

    Fee's been making fun of the hearts, and Mac is taking it quite well so far.

    :) "Order from chaos" is exactly what needs to happen around here!

    Jane Ann,
    You are on to something here! A smart red plaid would look good on the crisp black & white. I do have some blue plaids that are more masculine...

    I've looked for things that were right under my nose in clutter that has become part of the scenery!

    Have to chuckle at our ability to ignore clutter! I've a friend who never has clutter, and I often envy her because everything is always neat and in place. I just can't manage that for longer than a day or so. Genetic, I think.


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