Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Baton Rouge

The trip to Baton Rouge was a hurried one, but it was so good to see Mila and Max. They grow so quickly and a couple of months makes such a difference. Baton Rouge was baking hot at 104 degrees on Saturday; so much of the country is caught in this heat wave, and I know many of you are in the triple digits.

Eric was working on their new house. He's turned into quite the carpenter and his work is excellent. He's in the process of putting a walk-in closet in their bedroom, but has more projects in the works. Erin was tired and half-sick, and I hope by now she's feeling better.

Here is Max in the airplane that we found in Natchez, MS --that lovely little town. Fee and I saw it in May, and when Fee went again later, he bought it for Max's birthday. We are hoping that they will be drilling in that area so when Fee has to be there, I can stay in the hotel and just enjoy Natchez.

We kept Max and Mila with us at the hotel. Mila and I struggle to get Max into his pajamas. He's always good-natured, but not always cooperative and found our attempts to get him undressed and into his pj's an amusing game.

We enjoyed a nice swim Sunday morning before it got too hot. Max was initially only content to sit on the steps, but eventually was willing to venture out into deeper water.

This picture of Mila looks just like Erin did when she was little, but with darker hair and eyes.


  1. What beautiful children (but you knew that). Sounds like a nice break, even with the heat.

  2. Jen, What a pleasure to see the lovely photos of your grandchildren. The airplane is a terrific toy!

  3. jane ann -- It is always good to have time with them!

    Connie -- They are sweet and funny, and we adore them. The airplane is rocks, too!

  4. beautiful children....that last picture of mila is breathtaking - in spite of 104 temperature sounds like a wonderful trip...water play helps for sure.

  5. Thanks, kimy, we think they are pretty special...and I can't get over how much Mila looks like her mother did at about that age.

  6. What a little beauty Mila is! Both grandchildren are precious.


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