Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wind, engineering, kinetic sculpture., and more

I found this link over at Endicott Redux. Wonderful!

"Hey, Look at Me" pins are a great idea. Thanks, Finn (Quilting with Ragdolls)!

I have almost completed two projects (will post pictures as soon as I'm able) and am reasonably happy with them. Now to begin working on all of those WIP projects that have been abandoned!

Well, I will after this weekend. I'm off to Dallas tomorrow for Tai Chi Legacy. Hope to have pictures to post (when I can) of some of the competitors from our school when I return.


  1. Jen, Good luck in Dallas. Take care! Connie

  2. good luck. and hope to see your new projects soon!

  3. have a great tai chi experience! save travels....look forward to pics of on-going works.

  4. hope you have enjoyed your trip and traveled safely. I have gotten so used to you not posting here that I haven't been checking. That left me with three posts to read all at once - made it really clear how much I've missed your part in this whole blogging business.


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