Friday, June 08, 2007

Computer Woes

Have no idea what is wrong with this computer. It keeps freezing up. Sometimes I can reply to an email, then when I open the next, it freezes again. Even this short post is taking forever.

I'm going to work on my pieced border, which I may or may not use on the circles & squares piece. I'll also be trying to check out some of your blogs when the computer allows.


  1. My old computer froze up all the time. We decided it didn't have enough RAM. Later we also found out it had a virus (why we didn't know it I have no idea because we had an anti-virus program). Anyway, you might check out your RAM.

  2. Connie - I think there is plenty of RAM and have been wondering about a virus, although I do have an anti-virus program. Today things are working better. Here's hoping...


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