Wednesday, June 06, 2007

And so it goes...

After a week in the hospital, on May 25, the cardiologist put in a pacemaker. The surgery went well, and Laddie was released from the hospital on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. We had been scrambling to get him one of the last places available in The Cottage at the Glen, a fantastic Alzheimer's facility, so that we could avoid additional transitions. It worked well, and he left the hospital for The Cottage without a hitch. Dr. Liu and Dr. Davis told him it was for rehab, and Laddie accepted that. He does receive both physical and occupational therapy 2-3 times a week.

The Cottage is a fantastic facility (and we've looked at everything that the Shreveport/Bossier area has to offer). I posted about it on my book blog, so I won't go into it here, but I feel better than I've felt in years! My stress level has plummeted, and I'm smiling almost all the time.

My sincere thanks to all of you who have commented or emailed me! Your support and good thoughts have been a great comfort.

My computer has given me fits for a week (Fee was out of town), but when he finally came in, he did something (?!), and I now have access again to the blog world.

For the last 6 weeks, things have been so hectic; 3 weeks of taking Laddie to the doctor again and again and x rays and CT scans, then the nearly 2 week hospitalization, and this past week of sometimes twice daily visits to the Cottage (which is 30 min. from here at good traffic times). Now, I'm busy playing catch up on chores, cleaning, gardening, etc., but I'm also back at Tai Chi and am walking for 3o minutes each morning and doing little things to pamper myself.

Quilting will be happening soon!


  1. glad to hear all is better, sounds like some balance is returning....quilt a little.....

  2. This is such good news! I am very happy for you. We missed you. I'm glad it was nothing more serious than a computer glitch.

  3. So glad you got Laddie cared for and settled in a great place. Now for some re-creation for you. God bless!

  4. The Pampering of Jen. Oh yeah ...

  5. I have been checking in daily and when no new posts offering a little 'prayer' (or whatever one would call the energy the likes of me would offer up!) I'm so happy to read that it you are doing okay and your laddie is in a place that works and he's set with the care needed. whew! xxxx

  6. I have been checking in see how things are...glad there is some resolution and hope he does well at the Cottage. You have been in my thoughts.

  7. Welcome back! Glad to hear situations in your life are getting settled and you are finding some peacefulness.

  8. It's so good to read your post. I've thought about you and been wondering how things are going. Do take care. Hugs.

  9. I have missed your posting because I was sway from the computer for a few weeks.

    It is good to hear you are able to get back to your routines.

    Best of wishes for you and your family!

  10. I'm glad things are smoothing out a bit after this very stressful time. I've missed responding to your earlier posts, but I was thinking of you. Good luck.

  11. Count me as another daily-checker-inner looking for news. I was sort of worried when the last post didn't show up with a comments link and I've been holding good thoughts and wishes for you. So glad you're back and upbeat. And glad Laddie has found a good place.

  12. Yay, you're back! I missed you! Glad to hear Laddie is going to be fine. He'll be well taken care of--those caregivers are angels. It will be a great relief for you.

  13. Sounds like peace of mind on the Bayou. I knew the quiet from your direction was Laddie-related, and I'm gratified to hear that you feel good about the new hands he is in, and that you are picking up your life. I hope there'll be some "piece" of mind again soon too.

  14. Jude - Thanks, and yes, balance is returning!

    Gerrie - Still having computer problems, and Fee is out of town again, but hope to have them resolved soon. Thanks, Gerrie!

    Fran - Took Laddie to his cardiologist yesterday, and the pacemaker is working great. Blessings, indeed.

    ACey - :) !!! You betcha!

    kimy - Thanks for the prayers. "Whew" is right!

    Rissa - He is still doing well at the Cottage, although he is now talking about going home. Thanks, Rissa.

    Nellie - Glad to be back (as my cranky computer allows). Trying to get caught up and back in a more normal routine, but cheerfully.

    Connie - I appreciate the good thoughts!

    Debbi - This is the time of year for computer absences and vacations...hope that is all that it was with you. I'm hoping my computer will be more compatible soon.

    Kay - Oh, you must be back from foreign lands. I'm having trouble checking blogs, and must have missed your return...or are you posting from France?

    Delta - I appreciate it, Rhonda! As a Mississippi gal, you will appreciate that I've fallen in love with Natchez! What a beautiful little town!

    Rian - I'm impressed with the quality of people working at the Cottage and agree - they do have angelic qualities!

    Jane Ann - :0 Piece of mind! You always make me grin...

  15. Jen, I've been checking in from NY from time to time and thinking of you. I'm so glad to hear your news and that Laddie is in such a wonderfcul place. I know it must feel so good to breathe again...take care and pamper yourself (I know you are doing that, keep it up! ~g~)


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