Thursday, May 10, 2007


Obviously, I don't seem much of a threat. Bunnicula posed for several more pictures this morning before leisurely hopping away.

I always find it hard to believe the changes in the garden from month to month, week to week, and often, day to day. A month ago there were some lovely blooms, but lots of empty space. Much less empty space now, and I have to get in and thin some salvia and monarda. Although it is something of a wilderness, the lush growth gives me great satisfaction.

Daylillies all over the garden are blooming now, and some of the asters are starting to bloom.
White salvia. It reseeds, but doesn't cause a problem like the blue/black salvia that has spread like crazy.
Swamp sunflower, beginning to open. Regular sunflowers are approaching 5 feet now, but not ready to bloom.
More daylilies, larkspur (mostly lying down and needing to be staked - better late than never), rose campion with its deep, rosy neon color


  1. You always show us marvelous close-ups, so it's nice to see a more panoramic view of your garden. I'm so glad I don't have to sweat and heave in my backyard, because I get to enjoy your garden instead!

  2. Your garden is absolutely beautiful. I hope you spend lots of time enjoying it as well as beautifying it. I wonder if swamp sunflowers will grow in my yard? Never heard of them before.

  3. The garden looks peaceful and welcoming. And pretty.

  4. Jane Ann- The garden does bring me great pleasure, but I haven't been doing as much work as I should!

    Cheya - Thanks! I bought this plant from a friend who has a yearly plant sale and that is what she called it. I looked it up, however, and it doesn't appear to be what is normally called a "swamp sunflower." Both are perennials, but this one has huge, smooth leaves and grey-green foliage. Most sunflowers are not perennial, but re-seed like crazy.

    Connie - It is peaceful, even when I'm working hard. I love seeing it from my windows.

  5. methinks your bunny loves the camera! such beautiful spaces - I'm amazed how far along everything is! up here these same plants are one or two months away from where they are at your home!

  6. Ah! The bunny has a name now! Great photos of the cute little critter. I love this time of year, I can't wait for each morning to check out what is new in the garden. Yours is so beautiful, thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  7. Very pretty garden! Mine is coming alive too--such a wonder.

  8. Your garden looks like such a beautiful place to relax and read a book. What a lot of rose campion you have! Mine re-seeded well for years but, so far this year, I haven't seen a single plant :(

  9. ps posted the thinking rabbit

  10. More beautiful pictures!

    I have tagged you for a 7 blogs and 7 facts game.
    If you will "play" please give links to 7 blogs (of an arty nature)you enjoy, telling each author in his/her comments about the tag. Then list 7 interesting facts about yourself and a link back to me.
    And thankyou.

  11. kimy - Bunnicula is a camera hound, isn't he?

    flippytale - Yes, Bunnicula is very comfortable, but I don't see Mama B. nearly as often. I'm up and out early to admire whatever has decided to show itself off in the garden, too. It is an abundant time of year.

    Debra - Thanks, it is fun to watch the transformation isn't it?

    ACey- I read out there frequently. Last year the rose campion came up and made gorgeous foliage, but no blooms. This year, they are back to normal. Your garden pic are wonderful, Acey!

    kimy - I went to see the thinking rabbit and the mask. :) Thanks for sharing them!

    dinahmow - I'm thinking...


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