Monday, May 14, 2007

7 things...

Dinahmow from Idle Thoughts of an Idle Woman tagged me for this meme.

7 Things:

1. I was a gymnast when I was young, and my joints remind me every day.

2. Licorice is a guilty secret. Love it, but only once in a great while will I indulge in those love black twists.

3. My last pair of toe shoes, battered and worn, are still in a box in my closet.

4. I made a 9 patch quilt for my granddaughter's first birthday. It was something I had always wanted to do, and I'm still proud of that quilt. Mila will be 4 this month, and both she and quilting have delighted me for these past 3 years.

5. Since July of last year, I've only been to Tai Chi a handful of times. I miss it and don't have the discipline to really practice without having class. If I'm going to class, I will practice, but without that incentive, I'm too lazy.

6. In connection to Tai Chi, I may be the only grandmother among you with a saber and a straight sword. Love my weapons!

7. My favorite city is Edinburgh, and I hope to attend the Fringe Festival there once more before I am too old and decrepit to enjoy it!

I'm to tag 7 more people, but remember, this is just for fun, if you've already done it or don't feel like doing it...s'okay!

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Hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day! Mine was excellent -- call from Erin (talked to Mila and listened to Max who was playing near by), wonderful meal with Amelia and Chris at Kon Tiki, several Mimosas, and Fee mowed the yard and edged for me! Since it was nearly 90 and the humidity so high, that was a greatly appreciated gesture!

Here is a picture of my mother in Hot Springs, Ark. , 1946. I miss her.

Then in 1954 with me and my topsy/turvy doll and my brother and his ubiquitous cowboy hat and boots. I think he wore these every day until he was about 8! I was 6 and Steve was 4 in 1954.


  1. I love the old photos!! the one of your ma on the rock is such a treasure. I feel so blessed my mother is still alive and doing well. at times I feel like a rare breed as so many of my friends have lost their mothers.

    my mother's day was incredibly loverly - cool but glorious (too bad I couldn't have sent some cool temps to you). we nice gathering of folks standing in the park for peace and later family dinner with husband, daughter, and a bit of our 'fictive' family

    the tag sounds fun! but, my 'blog hood' is small so.....

    edinburgh! I'm hoping in '08 to make it there (been working on my boy for 6 mos -planting the seed!) have you read alexander mccall smith's scottish novels? if not a must - they are so much fun and I just loved the cast of characters and it is because of these books I feel so compelled to visit edinburgh!

    off to stitch - sorry this comment is so long! enjoyed my coffee with your post! xx

  2. I agree: Your old pictures of Hot Springs are intruiguing. Thanks for sharing. Have you been back to our fair city lately?

    Recently geographer Warren Bland named Hot Springs, Ark. the No. 1 place in America to retire.

    I gotta admit, Hot Springs is a pretty cool place to live, even for those of us who aren't yet retired.

    Rebecca McCormick,
    Travel writer, Hot Springs Village Voice
    and Gannett News Service
    Feature writer, Hot Springs Life & Home

  3. Have you ever had licorice tea? It's incredible.

    I've been to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, too! Did you see the Tattoo? I love that city--I love everything about Scotland!

  4. Edinburgh is my favorite city, with only a slight edge over Paris. I expected quaint, but was unprepared for elegance. I would adore to see the Tattoo and we talk about it every so often. Do I take your post to mean both you and Rian have seen it? Ooh, now the envy juices are bubbling.

    Love, love, love the cowboy picture. I was a 2-holster girl, myself. What a nice post.

  5. I love Edinburgh, too. Lets all go together. I'd love to be there for Fringe Festival!!

  6. Thanks for playing along.I hope you do make it to Edinburgh -it's a lovely city, isn't it?

  7. I would love to go to Edinburgh, anywhere in Scotland for that matter -- it's the old country for us, you know. LOVE the pictures. I treasure all those old 1950's you know. Your mother was so beautiful. I know what you mean about missing her...

  8. Wonderful photos, Jen. I miss my mom terribly, too. Mother's Day is hard but DD and I had a very special day together and DS called me for a nice long chat.

    So, when everyone goes to Ed. can you please bring me along...?? I have a Scottish (married)surname...=-)

  9. I forgot to say that I answered your meme tag...not too much interesting to tell, really...Hey, I like licorice, too! =-)

  10. Oh I love your photos - I'm enjoying nostalgia this mothers' day. Your mother was lovely.

  11. Thank you for sharing your seven things, and your photos and memories of you mother!

  12. I still have my last pair of toe shoes, too...

  13. kimy - Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

    Keep watering that seed of an idea of Edinburgh in '08, and if possible, go in August and catch the Fringe!

    Rian - No, I've never tried licorice tea, but it does sound good!

    We didn't see the Tattoo, we had another event to attend and such a short time there that year. Next time, though!

    Jane Ann - Have never been to Paris, but Amelia loved it when she was there. Erin really didn't say much about it during her last trip to France. They did spend a few days after visiting Eric's parents Christmas before last, but I think may have been too tired to appreciate it.

    I should have known you be a 2-holster girl!

    Gerrie - Wouldn't it be fun to all go together! And we'd be on the go all the time during the Fringe Festival!

    dinahmow - It was a bit difficult to think of 7 things initially, but I'm sure glad I mentioned Edinburgh!

  14. Debby - It is easier to remember her this year; last year was so hard. I'm glad you had a special day and a nice visit with your daughter. Sure, you can go with us...I just hope we can still climb the hill in Old Town when we get there!

    Connie - Thanks, Mother was a lovely person in every way.

    flippytale - It was fun after I finally got started.

    Jules - :) Mine look pretty ratty, but I still love those old toe shoes! Can you imagine enduring that discipline now?

  15. What great pix of your mother--mine has been gone almost four years now and I miss her every day. I am enjoying reading everybody's seven random things--I've been so overwhelmed with quilting have-to's for the shop in preparation for classes, shows and Shop Hop, I've been away from blogging for nearly two months! I'm getting back in. I forgot how much fun it is. Maybe I'll get tagged now that I'm on the active role again.

  16. Love the pictures! :-) Interesting seven things...I don't own a sword...YET...I have been thinking about getting one since seeing Kristina do a sword dance. LOL

  17. Jenclair, I'm so glad you like Edinburgh (my home!). If you come back for the main Festival, the Fringe and the Tattoo, be sure not to miss the Edinburgh International Book Festival which is superb!!

  18. Love both the old pictures. The mention of a straight sword made me laugh out loud in conjunction with one of the "seven things" I picked to reveal.

  19. wow @ 1954 .. i love that time I dunno why .. but people were more gentle and had manners. Love that antique type effect to the picture.


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