Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wild Flowers

Back to Raft Bayou for several hours again today, but I remembered to take my camera so I could take some photos of the wild flowers. We saw some more bluebirds, too, but I'm never quick enough for them.

That ended up being all that I did today, took Laddie home about 4:30, and got back myself about 5:00. Then I settled in to read a little more James Herriot...a nice change from all of the science fiction and fantasy I've been reading for the Once Upon a Time Challenge I'm participating in on my book blog.

Some people have been having way too much fun lately. First Gerrie goes to Art Quilt Claremont...then this lovely retreat. And Connie has just returned from Paducah and is sharing her pictures. Rhonda from Art/Quilts is going to attend one of Sonji Hunt's workshops in July. Lucky ladies!


  1. If if weren't for your photos of the lovely flowers I would miss so many (my non-gardening is showing up). Today we have some lovely weather so I will be outside checking on my herbs. Happy Sunday. :)

  2. The wildflowers are divine!

  3. connie - I love herbs. I'm just in from weeding and while working, would stop and appreciate the scent of mint and lemon balm. Then I got busy and ripped a bunch of those suckers out! They do get out of bounds...and I'm never firm enough with them.

    rian - So many of them I wouldn't have noticed if I had not been looking for them. There were many others, but they were too far out in the fields (redbugs) or in the woods (snakes). I stayed close to the road!

  4. A gorgeous selection. Can almost smell the honeysuckle and hear the buzzing of the bees :)

  5. ACey - I was going to mention the smell of the honeysuckle in the post, but got in a hurry and forgot. Such a wonderful scent!


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