Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weather or not...

Monday night, or rather early Tuesday morning, Laddie fell and hit his jaw on an open drawer in the bathroom. Gloria took him to the emergency room; it needed 7 stitches. He slept most of Tuesday, but his jaw was so swollen it was scary.

Last night when we took him to dinner, he was back to his jaunty self again and made me decide on which hat he should wear. He has quite a few stylish hats. I wish I'd had my camera because one side of his face was quite debonair, but the other was a rather frightening image, black and blue down into his neck. It looks as if he tangled with a bear with a great right hook!

Another wild night around here, weather-wise. We were lucky, but tornados and hail storms battered east Texas.

All of these fronts that have been moving through our area for the last week or so play havoc with my emotional state. It isn't that I'm afraid of the weather, although I should be, it is what happens with the barometric pressure or something long before the storms arrive.

Today, I'm hoping to move out of my paralysis and get something done! I could start anywhere because I've accomplished so little on anything for the last week. Let's see...clean house, laundry, sewing, bills and checkbook, grocery store, and on and on.

Here are some spoons I bought at a fleamarket several years ago and wrote on with permanent marker to identify plants, dates, etc. The marker lasted a year or so, but is completely gone on most of them. Next time, I'll go over them with polyurethane.

My mock orange was looking great a couple of days ago, but their season is almost finished now. This has been another one of those rampant spreaders that I've got to forcibly contain, but they are so beautiful in the spring.


  1. I love your spoon idea! May need to try it with some old soup spoons I inherited from my mom. Can also sympathize with what you said about weather fronts. Living in Nor'easter country, I have my own very potent angst about such things. I'm glad Laddie is basically okay from his fall - must have been nervewracking!

  2. Sending lots of good thoughts for healing. Life is so ironic sometimes. And having both sides show up on one person's face just proves that point doesn't it? You know the old mirror trick where you hold a mirror up so it splits and then reflect each side of our face so it's doubly reflected...those are our happy and sad/angry faces...two sides of the same coin. I never thought about looking at it from the point of view of life's effects on us! It's exactly the same for happy and sad emotionally, or still and calm v.s. tornado approaching! We all share the duality and the paradoxes. I think your spoons are just like the marks on our faces or our fears...bit by bit they are erased! The spoons, however, area an awesome idea! Just awesome!!!Accidents and tornados...not so good. Hang in there!

  3. oooh they smell so good too!

    Poor Laddie. Getting old isn't for sissies is it!

  4. I like the clever re-use of the old spoons.

  5. I wonder if the mock orange blossom smell the same...

    Hoping today brings you sunny skies and renewed energy.

  6. ACey - Be sure to polyurethane over the Sharpie--even though I used a permanent marker, it faded over the years. I like having info about when I planted it, etc. available.

    Quilting Journey - Thank for the good thoughts! :)

    Deb H - Unfortunately, mine don't have a scent. They came from someone else's garden and were the scentless variety. They say that when you buy them, you should do so when they are in bloom so you know if they are scented or not. But I never turn down a free plant!

    Laddie is healing well, but the AD is advancing rapidly now.

    Annie- Can't remember where I got the idea, but they do make great markers!

    Rian - Thanks! Feeling down sure makes you appreciate it when things get better.


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