Friday, April 20, 2007

This and That

I read a post this morning on kimy's blog that touched me. Balance.

Yesterday, I burst out of my lethargy and started cleaning out kitchen cabinets at 7:30. At 8:30, I ran to Walmart and bought new shelf liner and a couple of the Lazy Susan's for the cabinets, then back to the cleaning. I washed shelves, replaced liner, threw away duplicates and outdated herbs, etc., rearranged my dishes, and the items in the pantry. At 4:30, I'd progressed through all of the cabinets and the pantry, and was vacuuming when the phone rang.

Dr. B.'s office was calling to give me the report on my blood work from my check-up the other day. Mostly good, but I've joined the legions of women with thyroid problems. Ahhh, so maybe there is a physical reason for the problems I've been experiencing lately! I started the Synthroid this morning. Dr. B. is starting me with the lowest dose, then I'll have the blood work again to see about any necessary adjustments. Fatigue is one of the symptoms, so after having expended such a burst of productive energy all day, I immediately decided to be tired. Other symptoms include difficulty with memory and thinking--I'm looking forward to an improvement in these areas! Nice to know that I'm not just confused, lazy, and apathetic. :)

We have a new litter of baby squirrels that are making their way into the world, and the silly things have not yet developed the defensive fear of humans that their parents have. The other day as I was sitting outside, one approached my chair within about 2 feet. I was stunned, but began talking to him, and I swear, he put out a little paw as if waving or attempting to shake hands! Then Mac, our ferocious squirrel dog, realized what was happening and chased the poor thing across the yard.

They are much shyer when I have a camera in hand. Guess I should have tried to get them used to it gradually, but I wanted to get a picture this morning. This is the only one brave enough to appear when a camera is in evidence.

Yesterday, I watched two of the little ones playing; it was quite entertaining watching what looked like hide and seek. One would disappear behind one of the posts, then pop his little head around. After a few of these little peek-a-boo antics, they would scramble around chasing each other, then the process would begin again. I'm not really fond of squirrels in the garden as they dig up bulbs and raid the bird feeders, but I enjoy watching them run along the fence, chatter, and fluff their tales. The little ones, though, they are a joy--even knowing that I don't want any squirrels in my garden!

Another group of unwanted visitors are the rabbits, and of course, there is a new brood of these. One of the adults is as big as Mac. I watched him the other day and tried to estimate how much he weighed. The little ones are cute, but hungry little devils. The rabbits are really hard on young plants. We do have a separate fence around the vegetable garden; doesn't keep out the squirrels, but does prevent the rabbits from having a feast.

is something I may need. Of course, many people would like to hand me one as well.


  1. Don't you dare stop talking! ;~D

  2. love those cards! Today I spent a few hours working in the garden. Finally! It was the magical day when it stops belonging to last year and becomes a new living tapestry.

  3. My daughter takes Synthroid too. It has helped her in many ways. I hope it helps you too.

  4. Deb H - It all depends on the subject, doesn't it? :P

    ACey - Aren't they funny? What a beautiful way to express that transformation!

    Deb G - I'm sure hoping it will! I'm really tired of being so lethargic, but I've always had my lazy cycles so being able to blame it on something is new. :)

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon with the new Rx! I agree, those cards are pretty funny.

    I stumbled across your blog for the first time and my eyes popped out when I saw your header art... I just placed a tutorial on my blog today of something similar. LOL I've enjoyed your blog and will come and visit again!

  6. Oh, I could have used some of those cards last week!

    Hope the thyroid works. I take Armour thyroid which is the natural kind - I've taken it for so long that I think it is now ineffective.

  7. Carla - I do like those cards, and they really could come in handy!

    Gerrie - Oh, yes, the cards would be useful when you wanted a chance to get in a word edgewise or rest your tired ears!

  8. Jen: I too am a thyroid patient. I was diagnosed ten years ago and have been on Synthroid since. My onset of disease was coupled with other complicating things and I can say that I went through quite a time when I felt horrible and my life was VERY interrupted for a while, but now I feel amazing much better. I think it hits us all a bit differently? I hope that you feel great every single day!

  9. If anyone hands you a card like that, smack 'em for me. When you talk, you are saying something. Nuff said. Talk on, friend.

  10. Connie - Yes, I've had other complicating factors as well. I have to wonder if stress doesn't add to your susceptibility...

    I felt a combination of resentment and relief when first informed, but since I'm feeling better (psychological?), I guess I can manage to take the meds without complaint. :)

    Annie - Ahh, thanks, Annie!

  11. Jen, I would never hand one of those to you! BUT, I could have used them last night at a meeting at my daughter's school. Especially when they said the exact same things for the eleventy hundredth time. Wonder what they would have done if you had one of those big enough to hold up for all to see??

  12. deborah - I fell in love with the cards because of an unavoidable situation in which I frequently find myself trapped by a barrage of talk so thick, I can't even get in a question. This situation is why I finally decided to use the phrase "Her Mouth Don't Know No Sunday" in a quilt! Nice people, but...


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