Saturday, April 07, 2007

Color Update

I know I'm not keeping up with my email as well as I should, but things have been hectic around here lately, and I've been getting home late. Today, I'm having a late start, but want to thank all of you who have responded to the previous post on color.

Some links that take away some of the mystery about Thomas, "the enigmatic color dude":

on dynamic symmetry and typography (scroll down to guest artists) and Nature's Design Connections...

He is still checking this blog for info, but if you'd prefer to contact him directly, let me know.

Now, I'm off again.


  1. Just dropping by to say thank you for the encouraging comment on my blog. Family crises really suck, as you know well enough on your own terms. I don't have a sense of inner resiliency yet but I might be turning the first angle of a corner where I start to believe it exists somewhere, and that I may find my way to it.

  2. i am gonna do a color post soon, just had some stitching clogging my system! :-)

  3. Wow, this guy thinks he can learn something from us?! He is a deep thinker.

  4. ACey - Hope you turn the corner soon!

    jude - I'll be checking for your post; but then, I check your blog regularly. :)

    Fran - Yeah, I know. A few years ago, I was all over the net researching Fibannaci numbers, dynamic symmetry, and the golden mean! Thomas instigates a lot of research...

  5. posted some color thought for you, it was fun,


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