Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back to the garden

Things are warming up here again, and I can get back to the garden.
Physical activity is something I really need right now, as high anxiety has been the watch word around here lately.

Some garlic.

A little rose white...

and rose red...


  1. You have roses!!! I won't be seeing them in the garden for at least another month and a half. I hope the activity in the yard does make the anxiety more manageable for your body and that will filter-back to your mind and soul as well.

  2. Beautiful roses. They will soon be in bloom in Portland, the Rose City.

  3. Beautiful, Jen...Here we have the air filled with the heady orange blossoms...I love it...

  4. Jen, your photo of the garlic head is intriguing and fascinating. Love it.

  5. ah roses and playing in the garden...alas, it will be weeks before we experience such sweetness! despite today's april showers there's still snow about here! I'm sorry to read 'between the lines' that there is stress and sorrow for you-namaste

  6. I've never had much luck growing roses until last year when I planted a miniature rose, not really trying and thinking it wouldn't live long. Surprised me, it flourished with absolutely no TLC from me. Go figure. White roses are so pretty but the red one caught my eye this time.

  7. ACey - Ours winters are so short and mild that the roses are already blooming. Yesterday was gorgeous, and I got the yard mowed and edged, but rain is back in the forecast today.

    Gerrie - Portland loves gardens and plants of all kinds, doesn't it?

    Debby - Oh, the scent of orange blossoms sounds heavenly!

    Annie - I don't know why the garlic has those strange projections this year. I took pictures of the same plant last year in several stages, and it didn't have them.

    kimy - Snow is an anomaly here, very rare, and usually no accumulation. The garden does help with stress; thanks for the good thoughts.

    Connie - I have mostly roses that are "care free." I'm not too good about providing special care for plants and choose those that are survivors. I've one miniature pink rose that is a perfect delight and blooms its head off.

  8. Lovely roses. I like those brambly ones we call "carpet roses" because they're easy to grow.

  9. hi Jen
    I love the garlic .. looks sooo Tim Burton to me ..
    Hope your doing well. I am back online with a new puter and shall have lots to show.

  10. Rian - I'm all about easy to grow and low maintenance!

    Sandy - The garlic really does have a Tim Burton look, doesn't it?


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