Friday, March 16, 2007

Well, yesterday was spent with L. in the waiting room of the Quick Care, and all of the before and after stuff. This morning, I received another call at 7:30 that will wipe out much of my day. So...have I learned anything from this? Will I do a better job of keeping up with the vacuuming and other chores? Will I do all of the errands and grocery shopping in a more timely manner.

The house and yard will just not get cleaned up. I thought I had 2 full days to get everything done at my leisure, but things haven't worked out that way.

Right now, I'm waiting on a call from the doctor.

A couple more inspirational places to visit:

ACey is always experimenting and creating. I was trying to wait until her current post didn't have the bird postcard I sent her featured, but what the heck? I'm kinda proud that she posted it again...

Rian is continues creating her goddess and showing the process step by step.

Margaret has done some wonderful things with moons.

Time's up. Have a good weekend!


  1. I had all afternoon yesterday to clean house after the mailman came without the fabric. Did I do it? What do you think...

  2. Thank you for Granny, she made my day. And her picture makes her look so sweet and angelic...
    re Rian: Clean house? clean house? what does that mean? Yo no comprendo.

  3. having my lovely unplugged plans partially curtailed gives me great empathy for your sense of ruptured timeframe. But you know somehow the house always does get clean again - that doesn't make this fragmented process less disruptive, though.

    It was impossible to resist featuring your bird card because I do think it provided subliminal influence and inspiration!

  4. Jen, We've been living parallel lives recently so I totally understand! I can't get back to work on the longarm with all these interruptions! :( Here's hoping that today...........
    I hope that your life smooths out quickly!

  5. Rian - Where the heck is that fabric? Maybe it will come today. I'm almost as eager as you for it to arrive!

    Fran - I really enjoyed Granny's site and her tips.

    I'm not sure what "clean house" means, but I got home around 3:30 and made a last minute effort. :)

    ACey - After a short period of frustration, I decided to accept what the universe offered. The power of positive thinking? "Never put off 'til tomorrow" makes perfect sense, but I always manage to put off house cleaning!

    Conni - Yesterday, didn't work too well for me, but hope your day allowed you lots of longarm time!


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