Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday's musings

Watched Dear Frankie last night and really liked it. Had a little difficulty with the accents at first, but the ear becomes attuned fairly quickly. Usually I only watch movies when I'm doing handwork, but I was too tired to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. The link leads to a preview of the movie if you want to take a look.

Another warm spring day. I did a little yard work this morning; mostly clean up, although I used RoundUp on some of those pesky vines that a warm winter put into high gear a little early.

Finished the blanket stitch on the letters on "Her Mouth Don't Know No Sunday." Fee says he'd like this one when I'm finished...I'm wondering if there is some kind of message to be read in his preference.

Didn't get back from Tai Chi until about 9:30 or a little later tonight, but enjoyed the class and seeing everyone after another long absence. The road to hell, and all that. My good intentions about getting back on schedule have not materialized, but I'm going to try once more.


  1. So beautiful and Springy. Happy First Day of Spring. What are those wonderful purple things with the water drops?

  2. Your flowers are delightful! Hello Springtime!

  3. I'm enjoying your flowers this morning. After reading your post I feel I ought to set aside a few hours on my yard today before we get some rain - weather lady on TV says up to 74 today.
    I have never heard the saying "her mouth don't know no Sunday" before until seeing your project!
    How did you get interested in Tai Chi? That would be a gentle way to get this body moving!
    Have a wonderful spring day! :D

  4. Fran - those are emerging Tradescantia ("wandering jew") sprouts. Very old fashioned plant. I wasn't that crazy about them until I saw that luscious purple combined with lime green in someone's yard, then I fell in love!

    Felicia - Thanks! It is a wonderful season...

    Conni- We reached 80 degrees yesterday. Awfully warm for March. I've been doing Tai Chi for almost 6 years now...definitely good for the joints and flexibility!

  5. You have such nice pictures on your blog and nice intelligent musings as well. Keep it up!

  6. Lovely flowers. I liked Dear Frankie too. (Had to go to Netflix and read the description before I realized I'd seen it, though...)

  7. having a dreadful time commenting! Wanted to say all these flowers look so fresh and glad to keep you company. Think Fee's attachment to the little HER MOUT quilt is very funny.

  8. Anon - Thanks, and thanks for stopping by.

    Rian - :0 I'm going to find a movie you haven't already watched! Someday!

    ACey - Sorry! I've had trouble on several blogs lately. Yeah, I'm wondering about his fondness for that PARTICULAR ONE.

  9. I have enjoyed catching up with your blog. Lovely photos. Isn't it great to have fun with the grandchildren?
    I do so agree with you about believing you have plenty of time to finish things. I'm always rushing around the last minute because someone calls or I'm needed somewhere else and I still haven't learned the lesson.

  10. Thanks, Mags! Yes, the grandchildren add so much spice to life, don't they?

  11. Jen, I too have seen Dear Frankie...loved it. I'd like to read biographies on Southern women writers. I saw Flannery O'Conner's house in SAvannah. I believe they were in the process of renovating it. Your flowers are beautiful, as usual.

  12. deborah - Such a NICE movie! I'd love to see O'Conner's house in Savannah, as well as Andalusia, near Milledgeville.


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